The 4 Best Spa Products To Create a Luxury Experience At Home

Set your phone to silent, turn up your chill jams, and dim the lights—it’s time to relax

Bathtub with palm tree behind it
Start your journey on the road to relaxation from the convenience of your home. Unsplash

Taking time to pamper oneself is vital in our hectic world. Between family obligations, job responsibilities and day-to-day errands to juggle, sometimes it all feels like too much. While it’s a real treat to book an hour of solitude with a professional massage therapist, who really has the time or the budget to plan for that on a regular basis? A calming night to yourself will do wonders for your mind and body. Here’s how to convert your home into a peaceful spa-like paradise in four easy steps.

Comfort: Unisex Spa/Hotel Bathrobe

woman wearing white robe
Go straight from the shower or bath into this super cozy robe. Just like the robes that hang in the closets of luxury hotels, this full-length robe has a high-quality exterior made with a twill microfiber to prevent wear and tear from washing and drying. Available in four sizes, it’s roomy enough to fit comfortably on all bodies and is lined with an ultra-soft, fine microfiber. Amazon

Lather: Milk & Honey Butter Blend

Cuccio milk and honey lotion
Lather up dry skin with the soothing blend of milk and honey. This creamy body butter has a deceptively thick appearance but results in a powdery smooth finish once applied. You won’t feel oily or sticky with this cream, and the scent is just light enough to hint at a little sweetness. Amazon

Massage: Human Touch Reflex4 Targeted Relief Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager

foot massager
Slip your tired legs into this unbelievably dreamy shiatsu massager. With four levels of varying strength, you can relax, boost circulation and work the muscles from the top of your calves to the exhausted soles of your feet. You’ll never believe human hands aren’t doing the squeezing! Amazon

Sleep: Luxury Silk Eye Mask

silk eye mask
Time for rest. Now that you are loosened up, your eyelids should be slowly shutting down. Block out unwanted light from the neon glare of the alarm clock and place this delicate silk mask over your eyes. Made of mulberry silk, the mask is hypoallergenic and can easily be hand washed for care. Amazon

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