5 Things to Spoil Your Cat Right Now

Please your finicky kitty with these fun cat products.

The family cat works hard each day, knocking items off shelves, blocking your view of the computer monitor and generally stalking your every move. Isn’t it time you reward your feline friend with some pampering? Here are five of our favorite products we found online to help spoil your cat.

Window Hammock

window cat bed
Cats crave sunbathing, and this window-mounted hammock allows your furry friend to bask in the warmth all day while soaking up a view of the great outdoors. The hammock’s suction cups hold up to 30 pounds, and the bed is made of a breathable Oxford cloth cord. Amazon

Flamingo Bed

Alternatively, you can choose a banana or hot dog bed.

flamingo cat bed
Sure, you can buy a bed resembling a banana or hot dog, but who can resist this tropical take on a cat bed? Best suited for animals 10 pounds or less, the WarmShe Tent Cave creates the perfect snuggling spot for your family cat or kitten. Amazon

Raised Cat Feeder

raised cat feeder
Raised feeding bowls allow your cat comfortable access to meals and make swallowing easier by promoting the flow of food and water from the mouth to the tummy. Added bonus: This set is built to keep any spilled food on the mat – a win-win for kitty and the kitchen floor. Amazon

Flower Fountain

cat water fountain
Ever wonder why cats like to tap their water bowl before they drink or why they love sipping from running faucets? Because they prefer running water. Keep kitty refreshed with this flower-themed drinking fountain, which features an ultra-quiet pump, durable construction and three replacement water filters. Plus, it’s just plain cute. Amazon

Paw Balm

Paw Balm
Okay, this one might seem a little out of left field, but surely pet owners aren’t the only ones who like pedicures. Made with shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and hemp seed oil, this paw balm helps ease dried out, itchy or crusty paw pads. Plus, it’s safe to use on the dogs in the house too. Amazon

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