There’s nothing quite like visiting a high-end cocktail bar where the bartenders mix outstanding drinks with confidence, the lights are low, and the playlist is always just right. But even with perfect ambience, a solid cocktail experience isn’t complete without an expertly prepared drink. Regardless of your prowess, you too can recreate the classics at home using only a few key tools that will make all the difference. Every single one of these tools sits upon my bar at home, making a weekday happy hour even better knowing that I’ll be sipping a top-notch cocktail from the comforts of my couch.

Cocktail Mixing Glass

With its heavy weighted bottom, this cocktail glass by Mofado is guaranteed to remain sturdy while stirring up your next old-fashioned or negroni. Handcrafted from lead-free crystal, accidentally cracking or breaking the glass is no longer a concern. Not only will you be able to focus on mixing up a cocktail like your favorite bartender, the crystal-cut design of the glass itself makes for a classy addition to any home bar.Amazon

Bar Spoon

A cocktail mixing glass is nothing without its companion—a good bar spoon. The twisted center of this spoon ensures a controlled grip when swiftly swirling. At 12 inches long, there’s enough length to mix your next cocktail sans sticky splashes. Better still, the spoon is dishwasher safe.Amazon

OXO Strainer

Easily fitting into most basic shakers, the clogging of fruit and herbs can be a big issue with many strainers but the springy circumference of this one has just the right amount of spacing between the coils to limit that, offering up a clean pour every time. Another nice upgrade is the rubber finger rest for better handling to keep the strainer on tight while serving your guests.Amazon

OXO Double Jigger

Traditional glass shot glasses can easily slip away from the pourer (I’ve broken many) but this OXO jigger is thoughtful in its design. A household favorite for its non-slip center and double-ended stainless steel laser-etched measurements to clearly mark the perfect shot for your cocktail recipe.Amazon

Cocktail Shaker

In a world where hundreds of cocktail shakers exist, The Boston Shaker is the only one you need. The extremely basic two-cup pairing are both made of 100% stainless steel and prioritize functionality over flash. It’s built with a water-tight seal that allows you to shake with assurance and you won’t ever need to worry about it freezing shut, a frustrating flaw with a lot of shakers.Amazon


You can’t make a successful mojito or whiskey smash without a muddler and this stainless steel option from HQY is a bargain. Dishwasher safe and durable, there isn’t a recipe out there this muddler cannot handle. Unlike its wooden counterparts, this tool won’t breakdown or peel away after a few cocktail parties.Amazon

Wine Saver

An open bottle of wine has a very short shelf life before turning rancid but it’s possible to extend your next bottle of fancy cabernet or chilled chardonnay for a few more days with this wine saver. Simply pump one of the stoppers in until you hear the signature “click” and voilà’ve just bought yourself some extra time to sip and savor without sacrificing quality.Amazon

Cocktail Glasses

Part of the enjoyment of imbibing fine spirits is the vessel itself. If you went to the best cocktail bar in the world and they served a gin and tonic in a plastic glass that would surely destroy the moment. Serving a high-quality drink in a crystal glass instantly brings that sophisticated cocktail bar feel to your home. The Waterford Markham Collection, made in Italy, comes with 4 Old-Fashioned style glasses suitable for most traditional cocktails. Other style options such as the hiball, goblet, and flute are also available.Amazon