Host An Outdoor Cocktail Party With a Florida Twist

9 products you need to score an A+ in outdoor entertaining

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In Florida, we’re able to do some outdoor entertaining pretty much any month out of the year, barring stormy days of course. We don’t take this perk for granted. Trust me, we know how fortunate we are, especially in January. But summertime just feels like a giant three-month party and there’s always a reason to celebrate. Sunny afternoons require barbecues and poolside hangs with friends, while long days sun-drench us late into the evening, making it conducive for twilight visits and even more pool shenanigans under the stars. So it’s important to keep a well-stocked bar, some nice wine, and arm yourself with cured meats and a few cheeses because you never know when friends will drop by. Here are nine products you’ll need to be ready to host an impromptu (or planned) outdoor cocktail party like a Floridian.

Entertaining with Caspari Cocktail Napkin, Orangerie, Box of 40

Cocktail Napkins

Choose high-quality cocktail napkins that are soft. Caspari

Keep your hands clean with these durable cocktail napkins. The Florida orange theme is elegant and fun but above all, these napkins are well-made with a triple-ply to ensure they won’t rip if a cocktail splashes a bit too much when glasses start clinking.

string lighting, outdoor lights, patio lights

Outdoor Lighting

These lights will convert any space into a great party atmosphere.

Turn that overly bright, harsh backyard light off and turn this string of all-weather lighting on. The glass has a subtle tint of amber that instantly casts a soft, warm glow over the yard, making them perfect for outdoor entertaining. With a sturdy cord and industrial engineering, you can trust these lights to stand up to heavy winds during strong tropical storms. Upgrade the ambiance by adding a dimmer and now you’ve officially transformed your space into the hottest new spot to grab a cocktail.

florida state cutting board

Cheese Board

Don’t live in Florida? These cutting boards are available for any state. Amazon

There are so many reasons to love Brooklyn-based, American Heirloom, and all of the beautifully crafted boards they produce. Made with 100% renewable bamboo plywood, the Sunshine State shaped board is a wise choice to serve a few of your favorite cheese varieties during your next cocktail party. The eco-friendly board measures at 14⅛ x 13⅛ inches and ¾ of an inch thick. Now find out how to build a better cheese plate.

cocktail party glassware


Serve your next cocktail like a professional.

No cocktail party is complete without proper glassware. These 8.25 oz. cocktail coupe glasses are perfect for classic cocktails, shaken or stirred. Have a clumsy friend you don’t trust around these? Opt for a set of low-profile Italian glasses, they’re excellent for wine or cocktails and they’re almost impossible to knock over. Need some recipe ideas? These might help.

palm tree cheese spreader

Palm Tree Spreaders

Add a tropical flair to your backyard party. Amazon

If you’re hosting a cocktail party like a Floridian, there is 99% chance you’ll be serving pimento cheese, so why not dip into it with these summery, palm tree spreaders? The order comes with a set of 2 dishwasher safe heavyweight spreaders.

These are great too!

cheese plate

Real Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is a bit more costly than other types of honey but its flavor is unmatched.

Did you know that the tupelo honey capital of the world happens to be in Gulf County, Florida (a.k.a the panhandle)? Welp, you can’t serve cheese without honey and since this is a Florida-themed cocktail party we’re hosting, it better be tupelo honey.

wine chiller

Bottle Chiller Sleeve

Just say no to warm wine. Amazon

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than refilling your glass with tepid wine that’s been sitting out in the Florida heat a little too long. If you’re going to leave a bottle on the outdoor table, protect it with a wine-cooler sleeve from Le Creuset. This easy chiller allows you to sit and chat for hours without compromising your beverage.

natural mosquito repellant

Mosquito Repellant

Your guests will appreciate a fresh scented, bug-free evening outdoors. Amazon

Mosquitos are a year-round menace for Floridians, though it’s much worse during the summer months. If you’re prone to bites, like me, then you’re incapable of having an enjoyable outdoor experience without some sort of repellant. Surround your outdoor table with these natural Chan incense sticks. Unlike the many smoky options out there, the scent is light and it’s nice to know they are non-toxic.

wireless speaker


Be your own backyard DJ and power your tunes from your smartphone. Amazon

Why risk awkward breaks in conversation with silence? Background music is mandatory at any party. The Bose wireless, bluetooth speaker is one of the best. It seamlessly hooks up to your smartphone allowing your favorite tunes to flow from any of your preferred streaming services. The clarity is top-notch, your guests will never know you didn’t have a full-fledged surround sound system hooked up somewhere behind the bushes.

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