Our Favorite Adult Card Games

Put the kids in bed before tackling these adult games

When you're ready for some adult fun, we have the card games for you.Pixabay

In my parents' day, the evening card game of choice was Euchre, a game that’s as difficult to spell as it was for me to learn. Thankfully, today’s adults have far more interesting card games to break out at night. So grab a cocktail and your adult friends - here are three of our favorite adult card games.

Cards Against Humanity

It touts itself as a “party game for horrible people.” Version 2.0 has 150 additional cards.Amazon

Ask a question with a black card as your soon-to-be-former friends answer with their white cards. Could this phenomenon really be that simple? Ah yes, but the fun is magnified depending on how warped your sense of humor is (and how many cocktails you had before starting the game).

What Do You Meme?

Each game has 75 photo cards and 360 caption cards. Match a photo with a caption and decide who has the funniest meme.Amazon

It's a very adult game for the social generation. (Yeah, no sense explaining what a meme is to your grandparents.) It's a quick game to learn and funner to play as the night continues.

Unstable Unicorns

We love the concept: "Build a unicorn army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now."Amazon

Admit it: You were sold on this game the second you read its name. The goal of Unstable Unicorns - as we understand it - is to be the first person to collect seven unicorns in your stable. Of course, you have to work with magic all while hampering your opponents in a variety of evil ways. It might sound like a game for pre-teens, but it's recommended for adults so give it a whirl.