Our Picks for the Best Artificial Grass and Turf

No mowing. No watering. No problem when you have artificial grass

Take the sweat out of homeowner chores by installing artificial grass on your property.Pixabay

No mowing. No fertilizing. No watering. Maybe college and professional football teams had it right all along: Artificial grass is the easier way to go. And what passed for “turf” back in the old indoor sports arenas - we still call it AstroTurf, don’t we? - is a far distant relative to the cutting edge synthetic grass that we can buy today. But where do you start? We did our homework, so here are our four picks for best artificial grass.

No in-fill needed

This turf is UV protected and lead free. It’s also heat and frost resistant so it’s ideal for outdoor use.Artificial Grass Wholesalers

Customers praise this artificial grass for its durability. We love the soft feel that's kind to both human and pet feet. Plus it's easy to install - no infill is required.

Better than real

This product uses a special “spine” yarn to deliver an extremely high-density grass.SunVilla

We can't stop staring at this artificial grass - mainly because it hardly looks artificial. Credit the combination of straight green strands with the mixture of curvy yellow strands.


A drainage hole makes this option easy to clean and dry.PET GROW

Pet owners with small dogs and even smaller backyards rave about this artificial grass rug. Just hose it down after your four-legged friend does his business. It's eco-friendly and non-toxic - that makes it stress-free for you too.

A breeze to clean

Why bother with rolls? This system is much easier to customize for installation.GOLDEN MOON

Give your backyard or patio a truly professional look with these artificial turf tiles. No need to break out the scissors - the locking tiles ensure that your lines will be clean and straight. Plus the built-in drainage system makes them easy to clean.