Four Bathroom Mats We Adore

Put some pizazz in your privy with these comfy bath mats

A new mat or rug can give your bathroom a needed jolt.Pexels

Is there any more luxurious feeling than stepping out from a hot shower or bath and onto a fluffy, welcoming bathroom mat? A good bathroom rug does more than pamper your feet - it should also be non-slip (so you don’t go sliding across the tile floor) and its design should complement its surroundings. Here are four bathroom mats we highly recommend for your home.

Gorilla Grip Luxury Chenille Bathroom Mat

It’s ultra plush - thanks to its high-pile Chenille construction - and ultra safe because it features a washing machine safe rubber backing.Amazon

With more than 25 different designs available, if you can't find a model to match your bathroom, maybe it's time to redecorate. Gorilla Grip tests its bathroom rugs over and over to make sure they stand up to machine washings, so buy this mat with confidence.

MAYSHINE Microfiber Door Runner

No need to confine your feet to a tiny rug when you have this bath mat. It measures 31x59 inches, giving you room to roam.Amazon

Soft microfibers and a foam inside await your arrival from the tub. And 16 color options are available so you can match this with any decor. Plus, it's machine washable.

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

While it’s designed as a bath mat, this Genteele memory foam mat is equally comforting in front of a sink or any place in your home where your toes could use some pampering.Amazon

Built with a comfy polyurethane memory foam and backed with PVC dots to prevent skidding, this mat from Genteele is ready for the bathroom, vanity or anywhere where slippery feet meet a slick surface. It's machine washable in cold water and its color won't fade with usage. It's available in more than a dozen colors.

Yimobra Luxury Chenille Bath Mat

We’ll let the photo do all the talking with this plush Chenille bath mat from Yimobra. That looks so soothing!Amazon

This microfiber bath mat is designed to perfectly fit the contour of your feet. And the high pile is super absorbent so water won't linger for long on the rug. It's easy to fold and store and holds up to repeated machine washes.