Keep your eye on the ball (and your head in a helmet).Pixabay

If your memories of Little League baseball and softball revolve around those smelly batting helmets that rattled around your head as you sprinted to first base, you can relax. Batting helmet design for baseball and softball has evolved considerably from the “good ole days.” Today’s helmets feature foam interiors for a snug fit, cutting edge vents to keep your cool and all the bells and whistles to meet the toughest safety standards for athletic equipment. Here are several batting helmets we recommend.

Designed for the sport’s youngest players and includes pre-drilled holes for face guards.Rawlings

Stay cool and safe with this Rawlings Coolflo helmet. The top of the helmet features a venting system guaranteed to keep even your favorite player cool on even the hottest summer day. Plus, the helmet meets NOCSAE safety standards. Dual-density foam gives the helmet a snug yet adjustable fit.

The protective shell and interior padding is designed to help absorb any shock.Easton

If you’re still playing ball beyond Little League or high school, this is the helmet for you. The Easton helmet is designed for adult players, with a hat size of 6 ⅞ to 7 ⅝. The shell is made from ABS plastic, offering the best resistance to errant baseballs. The helmet’s interior also includes a “Bio-Dri” liner to absorb sweat.

Includes a face mask for extra protection.Rawlings

The real attraction to this softball helmet - aside from the 10-plus color options - is the Coolflo technology. Rawlings introduced this feature in 2006 and it does an amazing job of cooling down the batter thanks to its advanced venting system. (Plus, let’s face it: It looks super sleek too.) The faceguard is also removable for convenience.

This one-size-fits-all model also includes a pony-tail channel built into the back.Under Armour

Not exactly sure who will be needing a batting helmet or for what sports? This helmet from Under Armour is your best bet. It has a dual-density foam liner but still is one size fits all. There are 12 vents for breathability. And there is pre-mounted hardware in case you want to add a chin strap or faceguard.