Four Favorite Bodyboards

Whether you call them boogie boards or bodyboards, we have the model for you

our favorite body boards
Grab a body board and enjoy the surf. We have some great recommendations. Image by OMNA Inc from Pixabay

Try as it might, Florida isn’t likely to become the world capital of surfing anytime soon. But boogie boarding – nay, bodyboarding as it’s sometimes called now – the Sunshine State could make a strong case for. All along the Atlantic coast, the waves are just right for an amazing afternoon of bodyboarding. Leash on a board and swim fins, paddle out a few dozen yards and let the fun begin.

Whether you prefer to boogie board or bodyboard, we found four board models that are right for your type of riding.

Bo-Toys Bodyboard

Red Bo-Toys Bodyboard
This 41-inch board is lightweight but rugged. It includes a leash and wristband so you don’t lose your board. Amazon

Owners of this board rave about its compact feeling and durability. It holds up through beach vacation after beach vacation. And the super slick bottom allows for fast rides and greater maneuverability.

Beach Attack Pack

Blue Super Lightweight Body Wave Weapon
This set comes with a bodyboard (three sizes available – 33, 37 and 41 inches), a leash and two fin tethers. Amazon

We like to think of this as a great starter pack. Everything you need for an afternoon at the beach or water park is included.

Big Kahuna

Red Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard
Appropriately named, the Big Kahuna – at 44 inches – is designed for riders taller than 5-foot-10-inches or weighing more than 185 pounds. Amazon

Boogie boarding isn’t a hobby that you have to give up after eighth grade, folks! Larger riders love the Big Kahuna for its buoyancy and durability. This board’s one-piece construction and textured handle make it a natural for heavy-duty use.

Goplus Body Board

Blue Goplus Body Board
Unlike boards that discount stores sell, this model has a waterproof and shock absorbing core to give the board a long life. Amazon

The Goplus is available in three sizes (33, 37 and 41 inches), but definitely check out the smaller sizes for younger riders. A leash is included for times when the board gets away from you. This is a board that will last.

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