The sun can be cruel to your car. Its ultraviolet rays can do a number on the wax job, and its heat will seemingly turn the interior into the world’s largest oven. In a perfect world, your car would slumber peacefully inside a cool garage, but when that’s not available, a carport is your next best bet. Thankfully, carports can be affordable, portable and easy to install. Here are three models that will give your car some much needed relief in our year-round sunshine.

Quictent Carport

Protect your car with tear-proof, waterproof, anti-UV cover fabric and galvanized steel framework.Amazon

This 10x20 foot carport is built to last with super-strength fabric and an extra four steel cables to reinforce the structure. It's backed up with a lifetime free replacement for connectors, pegs, ropes and more.

Abba Patio Heavy Duty Carport

We love the detachable zipper doors that be removed to turn the carport into a tent for open-air exhibits.Amazon

This carport is 12x20 feet and just over 9 feet tall. The polyethylene cover is UV-resistant, water-resistant and is easy to install over the powder-coated steel frame. Turn it from a carport into a party tent by removing the three zippered panels. Consumers who bought it, though, suggest buying a few extra anchor stakes to help keep in place when the wind whips up.

VINGLI Car Canopy

This 10x20 foot tent works great as a temporary carport or a party tent.Amazon

The polyethylene cover is anti-UV, tear-proof and water-proof. It's fastened by elastic snaps, and the entire tent can be set up in minutes. The manufacturer does caution consumers to take it down in extreme weather to keep it safe.