When you’re asked to bring a covered dish to the next family dinner or potluck lunch, make sure your food arrives hot and ready to eat with the right casserole carrier. Whether you need to accomodate a super-hot slow cooker or keep that mud pie nice and cool, we found four great casserole carriers for the job.

Hamilton Beach Travel Case

Using a flexible material means this carrier can fit most 4- to 8-quart slow cookers. A mesh net secures smaller cookers.Amazon

True story: I bring my slow cooker full of super-hot goodies for every work potluck lunch. Wrapped in a beach towel, the scalding pot is carried gingerly but briskly into my office. Afterward, with the pot empty and cool, I toss the towel under my desk or in my car's back seat. To this day, I have at least four towels still resting in those locations. I had to buy MORE beach towels just to keep up. So trust me when I say this slow cooker travel case is the answer to all my prayers - at least all my towel-related prayers.

Rachael Ray Expandable Lasagna Lugger

This container can hold two 9x13-inch baking dishes and can even carry both hot and cold dishes together.Amazon

In my family, I'm the king of lasagna. I made traditional ones - sure - but it's my crazier recipes that have garnered me fame (or infamy), like my seafood primavera version, my turkey-and-dressing lasagna and especially my white sauce dish with mushrooms and hot chicken sausage. (Give me a little more time and I'll unveil my German lasagna with sauerkraut, bratwurst and all the fixings.) So imagine my glee at discovering this "lasagna lugger" to carry my latest creation to the next family meal. Bon appetit.

Casserole Dish Carrier

The zipper closure on this versatile carrier is on the top so you have easy access to the food.Amazon

An aluminized lining keeps your dish either hot or cold. And for those looking to keep your dish away from bandit coworkers or family, there's a plastic compartment to slide in an ID card or name tag.

Double Decker Round Carrier

This carrier can accommodate a salad bowl, cake pan, round slow cooker or a just a humble casserole holding your prized turkey tetrazzini creation.Amazon

With a design like this, you probably don't need a name tab on your casserole carrier. (You might want to wear sunglasses though to escape the glaring colors.) When you're not using the carrier, it's designed to collapse before you store it away.