Our Picks for Best Cheese Crackers

Get your cheese fix with these tasty crackers


October 20, 2021
Our favorite cheese crackers
When it’s crunch time, try these cheese-flavored snacks. Photo by Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash

What is it about cheese-flavored crackers that make them so irresistible – their orange hue, those tiny specks of salt that tantalize the tongue? Clearly some spell has been cast upon these snacks to make us consume them with abandon. They work as salad toppers, emergency rations when the power goes out, school lunches, cocktail party nibbles and more. (I’m totally serious about the “emergency rations” aspect – my entire hurricane prep kit as a Floridian consists of 4 gallons of purified water and enough Goldfish crackers to pave a road from here to New York City.)

Look for your new guilty pleasure among our list of four favorite cheese crackers.

Cheez-It Original Cheese Crackers - School Lunch Food, Baked Snack, Single Serve,1.5 oz Bag (Pack of 36)

Bite-size bliss

Each serving of these crackers are cholesterol and trans-fat free, so enjoy two handfuls if you want. Cheez-It

Sure, the TV commercials for Cheez-It crackers are borderline obnoxious, but aren’t you still craving a handful of them after each viewing? These bite-size crackers have been around since 1921 so they’ve earned some bragging rights. Each serving is 27 crackers per serving so munch away without the guilt.

Goldfish Classic Mix Crackers, Variety Pack Box, 30-count Snack Packs

Old-school favorite

This snack pack includes 12 bags of cheddar crackers, 10 bags of Goldfish Colors crackers and eight bags of pretzel crackers. Pepperidge Farm

“Yes, we love Goldfish crackers, but please tell us their history!” Your wish is granted. In 1958, a Swiss biscuit-maker named Oscar Kambly created the cracker in the shape of a fish as a nod to his wife, who was a Pisces. He specifically chose a goldfish because it’s a good luck symbol. The cracker – then known as Goldfischli – was discovered by Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin in the early ’60s. She loved them so much she bought the entire brand. It’s rumored that cooking legend Julia Child adored Goldfish so much that she often served them as an appetizer before her home-cooked meals. By the way, that cute little smile on the side of the cracker wasn’t added until 1997. Bon appetit!

Whisps Cheese Crisps Variety Pack | Keto Snack, No Gluten, No Sugar, Low Carb, High Protein | 2.12oz (5 Pack)

No-guilt option

Each pack includes 1 bag each of parmesan, cheddar, asiago/pepper jack, tomato basil and bacon barbecue. Whisps

These crisps are high in protein and calcium yet low in carbs. They’re great for those on keto and paleo diets and taste great as salad and sandwich toppers.

HighKey Snacks Keto Food Low Carb Snack Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 3 Pack - Gluten Free & No Sugar Added, Healthy Diabetic, Paleo, Dessert Sweets, Diet Foods

Truly addictive

Are they crackers or crisps? It doesn’t matter. They come in a variety of flavors including parmesan, cheddar, everything spices and bacon. HighKey Snacks

How are these crackers diet-friendly? They’re high in protein, low in carbs and made with natural ingredients. They’re also gluten-free and make for an excellent source of calcium. Consumers love the taste and the crunch factor.


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