Best Cookie Packs for Snacktime

Keep these tasty cookies handy for your next sweet tooth fix


October 20, 2021
Chocolate chip cookies
Who can stop at just one cookie? Unsplash

They can be soft or crunchy, sweet, and even sometimes salty, and they go perfectly with a cold glass of milk. But have you ever wondered where cookies came from? A popular theory is that cookies originated in Persia (now Iran) where sugar was first believed to be cultivated. As for when, well, they predate the Keebler elves by a few dozen centuries.

Whether you call them cookies or biscuits (as they’re usually referred to in the UK and Australia), their place in the modern culinary world seems secure. So when it’s time for you to restock your home’s cookie jar, here are the cookie packs that we can’t resist.

Keebler, Cookies and Crackers, Variety Pack

Flavors from our childhood

These treats are packaged in individual serving sizes, so just enjoy. Keebler

Whether real elves bake Keebler treats or not, we don’t care. We’re just addicted to this variety pack. Oh, who are we kidding? Everyone knows the Fudge Stripes cookies will be conquered first. To keep everyone honest, Keebler was thoughtful enough to package their treats in single-serving bags.


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Grandma's Cookies Variety Pack

Traditional delights

Includes flavors such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, chocolate brownie, and vanilla sandwich cremes. Grandma’s Cookies

These snack pack-sized bags of cookies are perfect for brown bag lunches, your office lunch, or even a road trip with the whole family. There’s enough variety with these flavors to keep everyone happy.

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Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate

Save room for these

The plastic tub to keep the cookies safe during delivery and storage. Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm offers more than a dozen different flavors of its signature Milano cookie line, but we prefer the classic dark chocolate recipe. By the way, Pepperidge Farm is a real place. According to the company’s story on its official website, It’s the name of the property in Fairfield, Conn., where company founder Margaret Rudkin raised her family and is named for an ancient Pepperidge tree that grew there.

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HighKey Low Carb Snickerdoodle

Guilt-free snacking

Made with no added preservatives, no gluten and no fillers. HighKey

HighKey makes their incredibly addictive cookies in both snickerdoodle and chocolate chips flavors, but here at the office it’s the snickerdoodle variety that we practically inhale without any guilt. The mini cookies have a puffy texture that practically allows them to melt on your tongue. Once you open a bag of these treats, good luck stopping snacking until the bag is empty.


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Lotus Biscoff European Biscuit Cookies

High-flying favorites

Perhaps you recognize these from a past flight on Delta Airlines. Lotus

These vegan-friendly cookies are made in Belgium in a nut-free facility. Their unique taste and texture is much adored in Europe, where they’re often referred to as “speculoos” cookies or biscuits because of their crisp, shortbread taste. (They’re also a favorite snack handed out during flights by carriers including Delta and American.)

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