Our Favorite Disposable Silverware Sets

Keep the party going with these disposable silverware sets


October 20, 2021
Purple utensils on a grassy surface.
A picnic or casual party isn’t complete with out these plastic silverware sets. Pixabay

Planning a party always sounds like a fun idea – until it’s actually time to plan one. Arranging the food and drinks, deciding on the guest list and cleaning your house before and after the affair – oh, those are the worst tasks. So why not take one painful chore off the mix? Find a great set of disposable flatware that you can just simply toss in the trash when the night is over.

We found several great disposable silverware sets that should work for any occasion. Just don’t forget to invite us to the party!

300 Plastic Silverware Set, Silver Plastic Cutlery Set, Disposable Silverware Set | 100 Plastic Forks, 100 Plastic Spoons, 100 Plastic Knives | Heavy Duty Bulk Disposable Flatware Plastic Utensils Set
At the end of the night, just remember not to put them in the dishwasher. Prestee

We had to look twice at the description to make sure these are truly plastic and not actual silverware because the finish on these pieces is really sharp. This is the perfect set for a wedding, holiday party or any other special occasion.

350 Piece Gold Dinnerware Set - 50 Guest Gold Rim Plastic Plates - 50 Gold Plastic Silverware - 50 Gold Rim Plastic Cups - 50 Linen Like Gold Paper Napkins, 50 Guest Disposable Gold Dinnerware Set
Take more of the planning chores out of your hands with this collection. Munfix

It’s a plastic flatware set worthy of a James Bond villain – what … no Goldfinger fans out there? (In all fairness, any villain worth his salt would have actual golden tableware, but it’s a tough economy out there!) We love that this set includes the matching dinner and appetizer plates.

AmazonBasics Disposable, Clear Plastic Utensil Cutlery - 360-Piece Set
This collection includes 180 forks, 120 spoons, and 60 knives AmazonBasics

We applaud the mathwork here by this flatware manufacturer who wisely acknowledges that forks are far more necessary than spoons and knives for most casual occasions. That makes this the perfect set to store in your office desk for your workday lunch or a surprise birthday cake for your neighbor in the next cubicle.

Party Dimensions 300 Count Cutlery Combo Box, Clear, Combo Box, Clear 300 Count
This set is ideal for events such as kids’ birthday parties and casual cocktail affairs. Party Dimensions

Get your biggest bang for the buck with this budget-friendly bulk set. These are lightweight pieces of flatware so they’re best used for casual events and picnics.


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