Keep Out Dirt and Cold Air with Our Picks for Door Draft Stoppers

Let your doors keep your rooms free of dirt, cold and insects with a good door draft stopper

Protect your front door with a quality door draft stopper.Unsplash

If home is where the heart is, then its doors are where the love enters. But also arriving at your front door is the outside weather, dust, unwanted noise pollution and those annoying insects looking for cozier confines. A good door draft stopper - also sometimes called a door sweep - is the ultimate weapon against unwanted visitors. Here are three varieties of door draft stoppers we recommend.

Just slide it under the door and enjoy instant protection and insulation from the outside weather, insects and dirt.MAXTID

This door sweep from MAXTID is as simple - but also as effective - as they come. It works on any floor surface and moves with your door. The neutral gray blocker should match any decor and can cover a gap up to 1.1 inch.

This multilayered door sweep and stopper keeps your room clean and quiet.Suptikes

This adjustable silicone door sweep is flexible for a custom fit; just cut it to size then stick it to the bottom of the door. When properly installed, Suptikes' door sweep should help keep your room soundproof, windproof and dustproof.

This one-sided door sweep and draft stopper is made from high quality Styrofoam and fabric material.deeTOOL MAN

This door sweep from deeToolMan can plug up gaps up to 1.3 inches under your door. Better yet, it’s removable thanks to hook-and-loop tape. When you don’t need it, simply peel the stopper off the door and store it away.