Our Favorite eBook Readers

You have a library at your fingertips with these recommended eBook readers

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your choice of eBook reader doesn’t actually matter – the most important thing are the words on the page, right? It’s a line of thinking that makes a certain degree of sense, but it’s also one that doesn’t have any appreciable basis in reality.

Owning an eReader means you no longer have to lug around a stack of books – an entire library is available in a single device. A good eReader also allows customization to your reading process – adjust the type size, the lighting settings and even the language. Plus, owning an eBook helps save the planet – the trees will thank you.

Here are some of our favorite eBook readers available on the market today. They all offer that sleek e-reading experience you’re after, but they also bring with them certain advantages that are absolutely worth a closer look.

Likebook Mars E-Reader

Likebook Mars E-Reader
There’s an excellent chance that this Likebook Mars reader brings with it everything you could ever want and then some. Amazon

This impressive Likebook Mars eBook reader comes with a 7.8-inch e-ink high definition touchscreen that supports a super high resolution and a massive 300 pixels per inch. Despite the power it packs, the 9.3mm form factor always guarantees that the unit will remain light and comfortable in your hands. It also features a new type of special anti-glare technology that effectively reduces the reflective light in your environment, thus allowing you to more easily see your books and protect the screen at the exact same time.

But the best part of all is that this Likebook Mars unit comes with a special dual mode color temperature front light that offers 24 grades of cold and warm light adjustment. This means that not only will you be able to read every last word on a page with perfect clarity both during the day and at night, but you’ll be going a long way towards protecting your eyes as well.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon’s latest model of the Kindle Paperwhite comes with twice the storage over previous generations – you can choose between 8GB or 32GB. Amazon

Though you may be familiar with models of Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite that were released in the past, this new variant brings a host of unique features to the table that you’re absolutely not going to want to miss. First up, the Kindle Paperwhite is now fully waterproof – meaning that you can read by the pool, at the beach or in other environments without worrying about losing your book collection. The new model also comes with twice the storage over previous generations – you can choose between 8GB or 32GB to make sure that you never have to leave a book, a magazine, a comic or even an audiobook behind on your next trick. Speaking of audiobooks, the Kindle Paperwhite now includes built-in Audible functionality, and you can pair your device with Bluetooth headphones or speakers for the best experience possible.

Kobo Clara HD Touchscreen E-Reader

Kobo Clara HD Touchscreen E-Reader
Looking for something that goes above and beyond the standard eBook reading experience? This Kobo Clara model will dazzle you with its features. Amazon

One of the most important qualities to look for in any eBook reader involves a form factor that will compliment the experience of reading a book, not detract from it. You want to be able to forget that you’re holding an incredible piece of technology and just immerse yourself in the words that an author worked so hard to perfectly craft. Not only is the Kobo Clara HD 6-inch eBook reader more than capable of meeting that goal, but it also includes a number of additional features like 8 GB of onboard RAM and a battery that can go a full week on just a single charge. In addition to the traditional eBook format, it also supports a wide variety of other file types, too, like CBR and CBZ (perfect for the comic book lovers out there), graphic formats like GIF, JPEG and TIFF and many others.

Sony DPT-RP1/B 13″ Digital Paper

Sony DPT-RP1/B 13” Digital Paper
This eBook reader from Sony blends the pleasure of casual reading with the types of features needed in a more professional-driven environment. Amazon

Sony bills this as the “world’s thinnest, lightest letter-sized tablet device” and all it takes is one quick look to see just how true that really is. Despite the fact that this eBook reader is literally as thin as just 30 sheets of paper, it also features a protective capacitive touchscreen that allows for both writing and erasing with the included stylus. The high contrast screen is built to guarantee absolutely no glare to speak of, making sure that text can be read perfectly clearly – even in direct sunlight. The battery life on WiFi can go up to one week between charges and if you take your device offline, you can bump that number up to an impressive three weeks.

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 eReader

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight 3 eReader
One of the last great champions of the physical reading experience – Barnes & Noble – proves that they certainly know a thing or two about fully embracing the digital world. Amazon

Finally, we have this beautiful 6-inch tablet from renowned bookseller Barnes & Noble – a unit built to allow you to read comfortably at any time of the day or night. The included “Night Mode” feature offers seamless day-to-night reading that makes sure nothing harms the immersive experience you’re after, and the soft touch finish on both the front and back of the eBook reader make sure you’re as comfortable as possible at all times, too. This year’s model also includes buttons designed specifically for page-turning, creating a faster reading experience than you’ve likely had in the past.

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