Our Picks for Espresso Coffee Beans for your Brew

Change up your morning brew and switch to espresso beans.

Give your morning coffee some added jolt with these espresso beans.Pixabay

Is your current coffee not cutting it anymore? You cleaned your coffee machine, filtered your water and that morning coffee still isn’t what it should be. Change up your morning brew and switch to espresso beans. Espresso beans are roasted longer than typical coffee beans, resulting in a full-bodied blend. These can be brewed in a traditional espresso machine, coffee maker, Keurig or French press for a bold cup of Joe at home.

Here are our top picks for espresso beans.

This blend comes straight from Italy.Lavazza

Add a little Italy to your morning coffee routine! Lavazza has blended and roasted their espresso beans in Italy for over 120 years. With notes of honey, almond and dried fruit, this espresso is a full-bodied blend that pairs perfectly with a biscotti and other sweet treats. We recommend using these beans in a bonafide espresso machine to make a topnotch drink.

This blend features beans grown in Africa and Indonesia as well as Central and South America.Kicking Horse Coffee

Roasted in the Rocky Mountains, this whole bean espresso is truly delicious. We love that this is a chocolatey and smooth blend with notes of fruit and cocoa. This espresso is not only delicious, but it’s also sustainable. The espresso company is fair trade certified and is committed to empowering farmers and giving back to their community. This espresso is good and does good.

This blend has notes of sweet caramel.Starbucks

Make the same espresso you get at your local Starbucks at home. They packed their famous espresso roast so you can add it to your maker. This roast is a full-bodied blend with notes of sweet caramel. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the espresso.