Manufactured logs are a safe and comfortable option for your next fire.Pixabay

A well-planned fire can be romantic, warming, relaxing - or a combination of all those great qualities. But finding the right wood and getting the project started can become quite a chore. That’s where manufactured logs can help. When you’re ready to set the mood in your fireplace or fire pit, we’ve found the four logs to get things warmed up.

Use with or without heat

Set this faux log set in your fireplace and heat up to 1,000 square feet.Duraflame

Truth be told, fireplaces scare me. As mesmerizing as the flames can be, I'll still jump out of my seat with every unexpected crack and pop. And trying to keep the family pets away from the fire just becomes an obsession. This infrared quartz heater is electrically powered and provides comfortable heat without triggering my irrational anxiety. And best of all, the flame effect can be operated with or without the heat, so this is a treat that can be enjoyed year-round.

Safely packaged

You won't miss the ashes or the fumes.Natural Glo

These ceramic logs look just like the real ones - they'll even glow orange and red in some spots. The Natural Glo logs burn clean and don't release the ashes and fumes that natural logs do. The logs range from 10 to 15 inches in size and are shipped in a molded foam package to keep them safe during transit.

Pencil these in

Light in less than 5 minutes and burn cleaner than regular wood.Duraflame

Want an interesting piece of trivia? Duraflame's "firelogs" were first invented in the late 1960s to find a way to recycle sawdust created in the manufacture of wood pencils. Today, if you lined up all the Duraflame logs manufactured each year, they'd stretch from San Francisco to Hong Kong and back. If that doesn't sell you, just relax knowing the firelog burns 80 percent cleaner than regular wood.

No water or pests

Made from recycled hardwood, nutshells and molasses.Pine Mountain

Unlike traditional logs, Pine Mountain logs come wrapped in paper - just light the wrapper to get the fire started - and are free of water and any outdoor pests. They’re perfect for fireplaces, fire pits, camp fires and more. Each of the logs in this six pack provide a reliable two-hour fire.