The days of wearing ankle weights while jogging and squeezing “thigh masters” to get slimmer thighs are in the past. Today, fitness equipment has evolved to best serve the needs of those always-on-the-go folks who workout at home. The end result: There is a myriad of options available for those whose budgets are tight or their space is compact. Here are four fitness gear options we recommend.

Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weights

Each dumbbell is adjustable, allowing the user to switch the weight from 5 pounds to 52 ½ pounds.Amazon

The days of needing a gym-sized set of weights is officially over. These adjustable dumbbells from Bowflex let you switch from one exercise to the next without changing equipment. Plus, this set includes an app you can download on your smartphone to track your workouts and follow instructor-lead exercises.

Tracer360 Reflective Vest

Six eye-catching, multicolor flashing modes are selectable at the press of a button.Amazon

Motorists are one of the biggest dangers for exercisers who use the streets and sidewalks as their gyms. Whether you're walking, jogging, cycling or even riding a motorcycle, do it safely with this reflective vest from Tracer360. It's only 7 ounces in weight and can fit over any workout gear. It provides 360 degree visibility for up to a quarter mile and can last 40 hours on a single battery charge.

Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench

Give your home gym an upgrade with this bench, which boasts a 600-pound capacity and is great for targeting weight and ab exercising.Amazon

Even with all the other fitness gear we recommend, a weight bench is still a vital piece of equipment. This bench from Marcy has a heavy-duty steel tube frame that can support up to 600 pounds, allowing you to perform a wide array of exercises in a compact space. Add free weights or exercise bands to give yourself a full body workout.

URBNFit Exercise Ball

It’s the perfect tool for balance and stability allowing you to also safely exercise the abdominal muscles.Amazon

You might think of exercise balls - sometimes called yoga balls - as a relatively recent innovation. Truth is the idea of a tough rubber ball dates back to the early 1960s when an Italian plastics manufacturer first made what it called "Swiss balls." Early on, they were used primarily during physical therapy for neuro-developmental treatment. Over time, they were found to work more muscles than exercising on a hard surface, so they were integrated into yoga and pilates routines. This exercise ball from URBNFit is available in several different sizes and colors and includes a pump, extra plugs and a workout guide.