Our Picks for Best Flushable Wipes for Any Age

Stay clean with bathroom wipes that are safe for flushing

July 27, 2021
Toilet in a home bathroom
Upgrade your bathroom trips with flushable wipes. Here are our favorites. Unsplash

Bathroom wipes aren’t generally a topic that comes up in casual conversation so let’s just clear the air here: If you want a cleaner experience after your next visit to a restroom on the road or the bathroom at home, they’re a great option. Here are the recommended brands of wipes you should have with you next time.

Cottonelle Flushable Wet Wipes for Adults, 8 Resealable Packs, 42 Wipes per Pack (336 Wipes Total)
Made from fibers that are 100 percent biodegradable and start to break down immediately after flushing. Cottonelle

Cottonelle says their wipes clean better than toilet paper alone thanks to their large, dual layers. With this 8-pack (with 42 wipes each), you’ll have about 330 chances to find out for yourself.

WaterWipes Unscented Baby Wipes, Sensitive and Newborn Skin, 9 Packs (540 Wipes)
As the name implies, these contain 99.9 percent water along with a drop of fruit extract. WaterWipes

Don’t let the “baby wipes” label distract you: These are also great for people of any age with extra sensitive skin. The wipe itself is a polyester/viscose blend, which allows it to be safe to flush.

Stall Mates: Flushable, individually wrapped wipes for travel. Unscented with Vitamin-E & Aloe, 100% Biodegradable (30 on-the-go singles)
Why take a chance on public restrooms when you can use these packaged wipes instead? Stall Mates Wipes

These travel-friendly wipes are septic and sewer safe and remain sealed and sanitary for two years in their individual 3×3 inch wrappers. Once removed, they unfold to 8×6 inches and feature a hypoallergenic formula that’s free of parabens, alcohol, and artificial fragrances.

DUDE Wipes Flushable Wipes Dispenser (3 Packs 48 Wipes), Unscented Wet Wipes with Vitamin-E & Aloe for at-Home Use, Septic and Sewer Safe by Dude Products
These are 25 percent larger than most competing wipes and are fragrance-free. Dude Products

These wipes are made from sustainable 100 percent plant-sourced fibers. While they’re unscented, they do contain aloe vera and vitamin E for a soothing touch. Added bonus: They come in a 3-pack and each pack has 48 wipes, but they’re also available for purchase in individual wrappers, so if you love them, you can take them on the road.

BOOTY WIPES for Women - 320 Flushable Wet Wipes for Adults, Feminine Wipes, pH Balanced (320 Wipes Total - 4 Flip-Top Packs of 80) Wipes for Women, Infused with Vitamin-E & Aloe
Eco-friendly, alcohol-free, and full of soothing ingredients. Booty Wipes

If there’s a Dude Wipes product aimed at the male audience, you had to guess there was a market for Booty Wipes too. The pink packaging might give off a feminine vibe, but these are great wipes for anyone who wants a more soothing touch. Infused with Vitamin E and Aloe – and free of alcohol – that’s what these deliver.


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