Our Favorite Fruit Chips

Discover a healthy afternoon snack with these fruit chips and crisps

If you’re looking for something more tantalizing than a bite of an apple, try one of these fruit chips.Pixabay

When I was a kid and I got hungry before dinner, my mom would always offer me an apple - which I always declined. “I want chips!” I’d protest to presumably deaf ears. Fast forward 40 years, we don’t have flying cars but we do have satisfying fruit chips. I would dance around my kitchen like an 11-year-old in celebration, but I’m sure I’d sprain an ankle or break a leg. So instead, I’ll indulge with one of these four fruit chips. Grab one that sounds good to you and enjoy.

Stretch Island Fruit Leather Snacks

These 48 single-serving packages contains autumn apple, abundant apricot, orchard cherry, harvest grape, ripened raspberry and summer strawberry flavors.Amazon

As the name implies, these fruit snacks are more stretchy than crunchy, but the taste of these "leathers" will delight your palate nonetheless. Stretch Island's products are vegan and gluten free and made with no added sugar or artificial flavors or preservatives so enjoy them without guilt.

Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit

Crispy Green features single-serving bags of apple, banana, mango, pear and tangerine.Amazon

We love each flavor, but if you're undecided then try the variety pack. Each bag is vegan, paleo, gluten free, dairy free and kosher. Eat them straight from the bag or add it to cereal or yogurt to give your breakfast some added sweetness.

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps

The 24-bag package includes Fuji apple, Asian pear, strawberry and banana flavors.Amazon

Brothers' fruit crisps are freeze-dried to give them a lighter, flavorful taste. What's left is 100 percent fruit with no dyes, preservatives or additives. Best yet, these snacks have a two-year shelf life.

Seneca Crispy Apple Chips

Apples are a natural for the chip form of snacking. These come in five flavors, including caramel apple and cinnamon.Amazon

Seneca's chips are made from apples that grow in the state of Washington. This 12-pack has 2 ½ ounce bags full of chips that have 30 percent less fat than other salty snacks. Longtime fans of the chips are particularly in love with the cinnamon and caramel flavors.