Why buy a greenhouse? Because it can turn your gardening hobby into a year-round adventure. Greenhouses provide plants, vegetables and flowers with warmth season after season. They also help shield your budding greenery from the most damaging of the sun’s rays.

Whether you have a large backyard to give over to your hobby or just the corner of a patio available for use, there’s a greenhouse out there for you. Here are three models that should cover new or seasoned hobbyists.

Hobby Greenhouse

The rust-resistant aluminum frame protects 48 square feet of growing space.Amazon

This "hybrid" greenhouse has roof panels that diffuse the sun's rays but also features clear side panels so you can show off your plants. This model also includes plant hangers, an adjustable roof vent, rain gutters and a lockable door.

Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse

This model includes eight shelves, which should give any green thumb a head start on planting season.Amazon

This greenhouse was designed for inside and outside use. Put it in the garage or even a basement if you prefer. And the shelves are perfect for those planting vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Mini Greenhouse

This is the perfect model for giving seeds and new plants an early start.Amazon

Maybe this is more of a green hut than a greenhouse. But that makes it perfect for those with small backyards. And the polyethylene cover is completely removable if you'd rather place this on a covered porch. There are just so many options.