In a world where gum is available in all sorts of wacky flavor varieties from watermelon and pineapple to classic bubble, most of us turn to this chewy, elastic treat for one thing and one thing only—fresh breath. Whether you have a long day of face-to-face meetings or are just trying to rid the evidence of that garlic-fueled caesar salad from lunch, these are our favorite long-lasting chews to guarantee a minty fresh mouth.

Wrigley's Extra Peppermint

Die-hard fans of this gum swear by its everlasting flavor.Extra

If sugar-free is a requirement for you, this thin stick will do the trick. Ice cool peppermint will perk you up, leaving a clean, recently brushed mouthfeel. The texture is another thing to love—soft from the moment you fold it into your mouth, this gum won't firm up like a hard piece of plastic as you put in the chewing hours.


Take your sustainable lifestyle one step further.Simply Gum

If you're hoping to avoid nontraditional ingredients and additives, Simply is as pure as they come. Aside from boasting an aspartame- and xylitol-free base, this choice is all natural down to its biodegradable packaging. What's more? We love the unusual flavor options, as well as the caffeine enhanced matcha and peppermint blend.

Purely Trident

Unwrap hours of fresh flavor while protecting your teeth.Trident

A household name since 1964, the Trident brand remains the go-to gum for many. In this pack, artificial colors and flavorings have been omitted, focusing on the zippy taste of natural menthol and mint. Dedicated customers find the taste and texture to be unbeatable.