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Turn your garage or patio into a gaming room with these fun distractions


October 20, 2021
Foosball table
Soccer may not be the most popular sport in the U.S. just yet, but foosball still has a chance. Pixabay

In Florida, without the benefit of a home basement, we have to squeeze our game tables into the family room, garage or patio. But that doesn’t cut down on the fun once they’re set up and ready for action. Here are the game tables to turn your home into the neighborhood’s funniest playhouse.


Bar favorite

This home version of the popular arcade attraction features a slew of different games and audio options. It can be adjusted too to help players of different ages and sizes. Amazon

Do I love the game of basketball? Not really. Do I play Pop-A-Shot at every sports bar until my shooting arm hangs along my side like a limp noodle? You bet! Too bad this version doesn’t spit out little paper tickets to be later exchanged for fun-but-worthless prizes. (The memories are priceless at least!)

Foosball Table

Everything you need

This game set, built with sturdy composite wood, features 11 players along four rows for each team. Cup holders and two “game balls” are also included. Amazon

True story: I once lost a game of foosball to a one-armed man in a Key West bar. We had only a one-dollar bet on the game, but it was not my finest hour (and – between you and me – I blame the island’s infamous humidity for possibly warping the playing field.) In any case, since that one-sided (and one-armed) upset, it has been my life’s ambition to train for a possible rematch. This foosball table is just calling my name.

3-in-1 7’ Pockey Multi-Game Table

Complete set

This tri-fold table can be switched up in mere seconds to feature either a billiards, air hockey or table tennis game. It includes pool cues, billiard balls, hockey pucks and every other gadget you need to play the games. Amazon

Three games in one? Sign me up. I’ll set this up at home next to the Pop-A-Shop game and across the living room from that Tron video arcade machine I’ve been eyeing online. And because I know you’re curious: Yes, the air hockey game has an electric motor to supply the necessary pillow of air to glide the puck around. It’s a gaming nirvana.

Table Tennis Set

For tight spaces

This table is about two-thirds the size of a “regulation” table tennis setup, so it’s perfect for small rooms, patios or apartments. The net is included but balls and paddles are sold separately. Amazon

I was never a big fan of table tennis until I saw Tom Hanks seemingly master the sport in 1994′s Forrest Gump. Now I’m convinced that his prowess in the sport is the real reason he won the Oscar. Here’s my other argument for this table: If I ever grow tired of playing ping pong, it can be easily converted into the perfect spot for doing crafts, playing poker or even a staging an elaborate buffet for next year’s Academy Awards. Dare to dream.

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