Score with Our Favorite Hockey Nets for Players of All Ages

Sharpen your game with a practice hockey net at home


October 20, 2021
Kid playing hockey in cold weather
Dream of future Stanley Cup championships with a home hockey net. Pixabay

Hockey is a heart-pumping sport that has migrated south from its origins north of the border. (We even have two NHL teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers, here in Florida.) Hockey has also evolved into a street version that can be played long after the ice melts. If you’re looking to improve your game — or turn your young ones onto the sport — here are several home hockey nets we recommend.

EZ Goal Folding Hockey Training Goal Net w/ Backstop, Targets, & Shooter Tutor
This regulation size unit features a rebound net to protect your garage door and keep you from chasing wayward pucks. EZ Goal

If you’re serious about improving your aim, this 10×6 foot EZ Goal is the ticket. It includes corner net pockets for sharpening your shooting and a 2-inch steel frame to make it rock solid. When you’re done playing, just fold it up for easy storage.

Franklin Sports Kids Folding Hockey 2 Goal Set
This collection includes everything you need to get your future Stanley Cup hero started in the sport, including sticks, nets, and balls. Franklin Sports

This high-impact plastic set is safe enough for even indoor play — especially thanks to the foam hockey balls included. The hockey sticks can be lengthened from 18 to 29 inches as your little players grow up.

Mylec Deluxe Hockey Goal Set
This set combines many of the great features of its competition, including a sturdy frame made from PVC, easy-folding goals and a pair of 43-inch street hockey sticks. Mylec

This set is a virtual hat trick for future hockey moms and dads with pre-teen players. It’s designed for street hockey and includes one no-bounce hockey ball. It can be assembled in minutes and folded for storage just as quickly.

Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal And Pitch Back
Stay busy no matter the season with this setup that can be used for three different sports. Step2

Where was this when I was a kid? Baseball, hockey and soccer fans will be happy with this multipurpose set, which includes a soccer ball, two hockey sticks, one street hockey puck and a pitch-back ball.

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