Keep your iPhone charged and ready to go.Pixabay

When was the last time your iPhone battery ran out of life when you needed it the most? This common occurrence has happened to all of us at one time or another. And each time it seems to be even more frustrating than the last. Thankfully, having a stockpile of quality charging cables and devices can help ease the issue and help you get back to browsing, chatting, calling, playing and more in short order. Here are our favorite iPhone chargers.

It's pull-resistant and extra long to reach any wall outlet.YOKERSU

This charger from YOKERSU offers a lot of conveniences, particularly its compatibility. (It works with just about any Apple device from the iPod nano, iPads and iPhones from version 6 to version 11.) The wall charger automatically recognizes devices and matches the charging speed.

Why settle for one cord when you can have three?OIITH

Are you always wondering where you left your iPhone charger cord? Stop worrying and enjoy this three-pack of charger cords from OIITH. These 6-foot cords offer plenty of length for you to keep scrolling Facebook or enjoy streaming your favorite movie while you charge your phone. A durable braided design helps ensure the cord works well for a long time, while a 1-year manufacturer warranty allows you to trade it in for a new one if there are any problems along the way. This is a great choice for households with more than one iPhone who are constantly asking themselves, who took my charger?

This durable cord features a super strong double-nylon braided exterior for toughness and longevity.Anker

Keep your iPhone battery charged with this excellent Anker Powerline+ fast charging cable. A unique 6,000-plus bend performance rating means that you'll never have issues where the cord meets the plug again. And a 6-foot length allows you to lay comfortably on the sofa or in bed and use your phone while it continues to charge. In addition, it comes in two stylish colors.

A smart scan feature automatically adjusts to the manufacturer recommendations for your device.TECKNET

This handy little device from Tecknet plugs into your vehicle’s 12V adapter port for on-the-go charging of your iPhone. Best of all, it features four different USB spots to allow you to charge your iPhone, your child’s tablet and two more devices at the same time. This is a great way to ensure your smartphone is always fully charged, no matter where life takes you.