5 Timeless Jackets for Men

These traditional jackets for men look great in any season


October 19, 2021
our favorite jackets for men
Bomber jackets date back to the combat flying days during World War II. Pixabay

“Jacket weather” can be practically any day now – even in Florida – thanks to the timeless look of men’s coats over the last few centuries. Thick wool coats that once kept 18th century sailors warm while at sea today dot the sidewalks of our biggest cities. Denim jackets that popped from the cattle country of the Southwest quickly became fashion statements around the world. If you’re looking to upgrade your outerwear, here are five timeless jackets we recommend for men.

Chouyatou Double Breasted Pea Coat

Chouyatou Double Breasted Pea Coat
Chouyatou’s coat features a turndown lapel collar, side slant entry pockets and a thick quilted liner for added warmth. Amazon

If you’re curious, a pea coat is based on English and Colonial American navy coats, which extended below the waist. Mentions of them in newspaper ads date all the way back to the 1700s. Obviously intended for the most inclimate weather, they’re warm but also super stylish and work equally well with formal or casual outfits.

Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket

Levi's Original Trucker Jacket
Levi’s jacket features a standard fit with a hem that hits just below the waist and hand pockets. Amazon

Jean jackets from Levi Strauss date back to the 1880s, so if someone calls you “old school,” they don’t know the half of it. It may conjure up visions of the Marlboro Man or the entire starting lineup of the 1984 University of Texas Longhorns football team, but the jacket’s popularity hasn’t waned over the decades – it’s still a nearly perfect accessory any time of the year. This particular Levi’s jacket is 100 percent imported cotton with button closure and adjustable waistband and cuffs.


Members Only Men’s Racer Jacket

Members Only Men's Racer Jacket
This slim-fit jacket is perfect for year-round wear and features Members Only’s unique shoulder epaulettes. Amazon

It’s hard to believe this very distinct jacket survived the 1980s, but it did. The brand was created back in 1975 and prospered in the ’80s thanks to never-ending celebrity endorsements. After its initial popularity faded by the end of the decade, the brand was re-licensed in the 2010s and now is considered chic again.

Landing Leathers Air Force Bomber Jacket

Landing Leathers Air Force Bomber Jacket
This model features a 100 percent leather shell along with a polyester/cotton lining. Amazon

No great surprise where bomber jackets came from – these first gained in popularity in Europe and Japan following their use by combat pilots in World War II. (Can you imagine Tom Cruise in Top Gun without a bomber jacket?) Notice the American flag imprint features 48 stars instead of 50 – a clever salute to its WWII origin.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Packable Down Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Packable Down Jacket
This jacket features a 100 percent nylon shell, a zippered front and a standing collar to conquer the chilliest temperatures. Amazon

If this jacket gives the impression that its wearer will soon be tackling some epic mountain climb, that’s not a coincidence. The first down jacket – also called a quilted jacket or puffer jacket – was designed back in the 1920s by an Australian chemist for a planned Mount Everest expedition. Put your high-climbing theatrics on hold and sport this jacket on windy, wintery days.


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