If you crave some fruity goodness on your morning toast or PB&J sandwich, we have you covered.Pixabay

Slathering two slices of Wonder Bread with a thin coating of sugary fruit preserves and peanut butter is a rite of passage for many who grew up on brown bag lunches. But in the following decades, jams and jellies grew up too. Today, there are a myriad of flavorful options to dazzle any palate. From brands that specialize in healthy, low-calorie recipes to gourmet manufacturers who turn out an array of lip-smacking flavors, there’s a jelly or jam out there that’s waiting for you.

Here are our favorite picks for fruit jams and jellies.

This jam is low calorie and low carb, but still packs a sweet punch.Good Good

Good Good is true to their name, specializing in a range of sugar-free products, including this sweet strawberry jam. The natural sweetener Stevia provides the necessary zip in the recipe.

Full of flavorful wild berries with the right amount of sugar, this jam gets added zing with a dash of lemon.Stonewall Kitchen

These award-winning jams make the perfect spreads for breakfast treats, including pancakes, breads and pastries. (And never underestimate the ability of a good jam as a glaze on meat.) Stonewall's story doesn't go back as far as Smucker's, but they've been in the jam business since getting started at farmers' markets in New Hampshire the early '90s. Their first recipe - wild Maine blueberry - is based on the family's blueberry pie. Now based in Maine, their company headquarters is visited by 500,000 tourists each year.

This 5-pack includes 1.76-ounce jars of fruit-flavored jams - the perfect size for a picnic or road trip.Bonne Maman

These jams from Bonne Maman are perfect for packing for picnics, tea parties, brown bag lunches for the office or bringing along on that next summer road trip.