Our Favorite Kites for the Beach

Come sail away with one of these amazing kites for beginners to experts


October 20, 2021
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Young Child Playing with kite at beach

Whether you’re young or mature at heart, we have the right kite for you. Pexels

From models made for kids to quad-line monsters that will lift you right off the ground, here are a few kites to take along for your next beach trip.

Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids Easy to Fly with Kites Safety Certificate for Outdoor Games and Activities, Easy to Assemble and Soars High - A Great Way to Enjoy Summer Time with Friends and Family

Pretty Colors

This option is lightweight (only 7 ounces) and measures 16.9 x 4.3 x 1 inches. It’s recommended for ages 3 and up. A Great Life

This rainbow kite by aGreatLife was made for beginners because unlike regular kites, it’s designed to launch with ease and fly in every type of wind. It’s built with high quality ripstop polyester fabric and features strong rods for its central support.

HENGDA KITE-Upgrade Classical Dragon Kite-Easy to Fly-55inch x 62inch Single Line with Tail


Stand back and watch this design soar smoothly through the sky. HENGDA KITE

Is it a dragon? Is it a bird? No matter what you see, you’ll be sure to watch in wonder. Coming in at 55 x 62-inches, this high-flying, lightweight kite is great for all ages to enjoy.

Mint's Colorful Life Delta Kite for Kids & Adults, Extremely Easy to Fly Kite with 2 Ribbons and 300ft Kite String, Best Kite for Beginner

For Beginners

This Prism kite has a 63-inch wingspan and sports the classic delta look. Mint’s Colorful Life

This Delta Kite is wonderful for kids and adults. The classic triangle design is trimmed with bright colors, and so easy to set up it’ll be ready for you to fly in an instant. The side ribbons are sewn into the kite and the string handle will get up 300ft.

5M Large Octopus Parafoil Kite with Handle & String by Amazona's presentz


This design is nearly 14 feet long and 4 feet wide and the streamers make it especially fun on a very windy day. Amazona’s

There’s a certain fascination with octopus kites—we’re not sure what it is but there are lots of options to choose from—this one is our favorite. Let it mingle with all the dolphin and whale kites at the beach.

Prism Synapse Dual-line Parafoil Kite


This design is available in three sizes but can be packed down small for travel. It includes flying lines, winder, instruction book and storage bag. Prism Kite Technology

When you’re ready to step up your kite game, try this dual-line parafoil kite first. It’s still beginner-friendly but offers more speed and ability. The all-fabric design means there’s no frame to break and no assembly required. Just up the size of the model when you’re ready to take it to the next level.

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