Light bulbs fall into that dreaded “you never need one until you don’t have one” category. A lamp’s light always flickers out when you’re reading the last chapter of a favorite book. You scurry to the closet in a vain search for a fresh bulb only to find empty boxes. (Why did you keep the empty box? We can’t help you there.)

The smart move is to always buy bulbs in a wide variety and as a pack. Keep your bases covered and you’ll never have to spend another unplanned moment in the dark. Here are three packs we think you should have in your home.

Sylvania 60W LED Pack

These LED bulbs - in a 24 pack - are great replacements for standard 60 watt bulbs.Amazon

Each of these Sylvania bulbs has a lifespan of up to 11,000 (or 10 years, based on 3 hours of usage per day). Plus they require less energy than regular bulbs so you'll really save on your electric bill.

GE 100W Replacement Pack

Each bulb in this pack of eight can replace a 100-watt bulb (but only uses 72 watts itself).Amazon

If you're old school, you might still prefer a good incandescent bulb for your table lamps or enclosed fixtures. Reviewers rave about how these bulbs really light up a room.

Xtricity 60W Replacement Pack

These compact fluorescent bulbs - available in a pack of six - are good replacements for 60-watt bulbs but use only 13 watts of power.Amazon

We love these bulbs for the home and office. They're long-lasting and use 75 percent less energy than standard bulbs. The mini-spiral design is instant-on and flicker-free.