Give your lips a break with the right lip balm.Pixabay

Lip balm traditionally gets a bad rap. It conjures up childhood memories of mom plastering your lips with a medicinal tasting wax before you’re shooed out the door into the blistering winter weather. But lip balm has evolved over the decades into a useful accessory to keep your lips soft year-round. So don’t forget to pick a brand and apply it soothingly before heading out into the heat, the cold, salt water or even pool water. Here are the brands that have earned our respect.

The pick uses responsibly sourced butters, oils and waxes in its products.Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees has so many loyal customers for many reasons, but we're pretty sure the balm's 100 percent natural ingredients is a big attraction. Burt's uses responsibly sourced butters, oils and waxes in its products. But the not-so-secret ingredient is beeswax, a natural emulsifier that binds the butters and oil. (It also adds that wonderful scent).

No chemicals, petroleum or petroleum derivatives, fillers or soy are used here.Sky Organics

Give your lips a treat with these balms from Sky Organic. They come in a variety of flavors - Tahitian vanilla, tropical coconut, eucalyptus mint, cherry, citrus and strawberry. Bonus: They're made cruelty free with no testing on animals and are packaged in recyclable materials. One satisfied consumer described the balm's scents as "aromatic bliss."

It's packed with vitamin E to retain moisture and smoothness.eos

We could talk about the sustainably sourced ingredients, but Eos is probably best known for its unique container and dazzling array of flavors. Strawberry sorbet obviously caught our eye first, but longtime fans of the brand also swear by other flavors, including pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, sweet mint, wild berry and tropical mango. (If you’re a purist, there’s a “pure and free” option as well - and each balm is also available in stick form.)