Looking to cultivate your green thumb? Succulent plants are a great way to dip your toes in the gardening pond. These plants are known for their thick and fleshy leaves that store water to ensure proper hydration. They are virtually unkillable! If you’re new to gardening or looking to spice up your desk with some greenery, succulents are a beautiful and low maintenance plant that will leave you satisfied.

Here are our top picks for live succulents.

Radiant Rosette Succulents

These plants only need to be watered once a week.Amazon

Radiant Rosette's succulent collection is the perfect color combination. While most people are familiar with the traditional green succulents, we love that this collection has rich purples, pale greys, and merlot colored plants. The collection comes with 40 succulents so there are plenty of plants to use around your house, office, or patio. This collection even offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Plants to Pets' Succulents

These live succulents are hand selected to ensure top quality.Amazon

If you're not ready to turn into a full blown succulent enthusiast, then this option is for you. With just five succulents in this package, Plants to Pets' succulents are a great non-committal introduction. These plants are also ideal for DIYs and can be replanted in a modern vase or terrarium with ease.

Mini Succulent Bulk Plugs

This set of 12 succulent plus is grower’s choice but rest assured no two plugs will be alike.Amazon

With a dozen plugs, this set is the perfect starter pack for beginning gardeners. They're not packaged with a tray or pot so be sure to have a plan ready for when they arrive.