Napkins can serve so many roles in your house—rest your cocktail on it, wipe off that barbecue sauce, grab a handful of cookies with one, or just dress up your dinner table with a set of elegant napkins.

Stop using that roll of paper towels as napkins—let the chicken wing joints keep that tradition alive—and pick out a set of napkins that work for your lifestyle. Here are five sets that will look great in any household.

Bounty Paper Napkins

These napkins - available in packs of 200 and 400 - are quilted just like their “quicker picker upper” paper towel relatives. So bring your messiest meal - these napkins are up to the job.Amazon

American Homestead Linen Feel

Made from premium ultra-ply paper, these American Homestead napkins have the feel of linen. Available in packs of 200 and 600, they measure 17x12 inches and are super absorbent. Just don’t make the mistake of putting them in your laundry.Amazon

Ruvanti Cotton Dinner Napkins

This 12-pack of cotton napkins is machine washable and fade resistant. With six colors to choose from, they’re also easy to match up with any dinnerware set. Reviewers rave about their softness and being able to pull them straight from the clothes dryer for table use without ironing.Amazon

Recycled Post Consumer Napkins

Keep your hands and face clean—and save the planet—with these 13x13-inch napkins. They’re made from recycled materials and aren’t bleached or subjected to any harsh chemicals. These come in packs of 50.Amazon

Michel Design Works Napkins

Created by Bruce and Deborah Michel in the early ‘80s, these tropical-theme napkins come in assorted sizes and designs. They’re perfect for celebrating a Florida-style dinner with friends. Break out the stone crab claws, key lime pie, sweet tea and these napkins, and enjoy your feast in style.Amazon