We sweat for all sorts of different reasons, when we're nervous, when we're exercising, or when it's flat out sweltering in the midst of summer. Years ago, while most swore by antiperspirants—which block the sweat glands with chemicals to limit odor and wetness—we're now well aware of the aluminum included in them and the potential harm it could cause to our bodies. Today, we're more conscious of the importance of using self-care products that are natural and safer for our overall health. Yet, deodorants don't always ensure the same confidence as antiperspirants since they are meant to shield against odor rather than prevent wetness. But the natural deodorant market has really blossomed as of late, getting more innovative with herbs and essential oils that can rival the most powerful of antiperspirants—these are our top picks.

Love Beauty And Planet Deodorant

For practicing vegans, this is a safe bet.Love Beauty and Planet

This is far and away one of the best natural deodorants out there. The scents skew more feminine but they are delicate and fresh, never overpowering. Floral options include rose, lavender, ylang ylang, and mimosa, but better yet—they are all alcohol, aluminum, and paraben free—you'll feel confident for hours on end with this stick.

Arm & Hammer Essentials

For a gender neutral option, you can't top Arm & Hammer Essentials.Arm & Hammer

Baking soda has been a long-standing, reliable staple for all things domestic—from dental hygiene to kitchen cleansers. This scientific superhero, known as sodium bicarbonate, you will surprise you with its 24-hour coverage. Boasting a blend of completely natural and plant-based ingredients, this stick glides on clear and won't ever leave your shirts with that awful yellow stain many antiperspirants are known for leaving behind.

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh

Take on the day without worry.Ursa Major

Another great choice for men and women seeking a stink-free upper body without the use of harsh chemicals like aluminum and parabens. Ursa Major holds a high standard of using all natural ingredients and this unscented option looks to mint and eucalyptus to help fight odor. The eucalyptus adds a cooling effect while the blend of other plant-based ingredients work to absorb moisture.