What’s the old adage? Better safe than sorry. Having a reliable and safe method of self defense handy is just good common sense these days. Pepper spray has evolved and filled the niche well as a non-lethal method of protecting yourself from troublemakers. Here are four different models of pepper spray we recommend you carry with you.

Sabre Red Pepper Spray Keychain

One half-ounce unit delivers 25 bursts of pepper spray with an impressive 10-foot range.Amazon

Sabre is a big name when it comes to self-defense spray for good reason - it's trusted by consumers and more than its fair share of police departments. The cute mint color detracts would-be troublemakers while a reinforced trigger twist lock prevents accidental discharges. Sabre's pepper spray also includes a UV dye to help identify suspects.

Super-Cute Pepper Spray Keychain

This four-pack of pepper sprays easily attaches to keychains, purses and bags.Amazon

There's nothing wrong with adding a little "bling to the sting." These cute keychain units have a half ounce of highly concentrated pepper spray that can reach a distance up to 12 feet with 12 to 15 bursts per can.

POM Pepper Spray Pocket Clip

POM’s spray is meant to be clipped inside a pocket, purse or arm band for easy access.Amazon

POM's spray offers a patented flip-top dispensing system, which reduces the chance of accidental discharges. It offers 24 bursts with up to 12 seconds of continuous spraying.

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gel

A spray gel greatly reduces the chance of a wind blowback or misfire.Amazon

This is the heavy-duty pick from Mace, a brand you probably most often associate with pepper spray. When fired, the spray gel can reach up to 25 feet, and it also contains a UV dye to identify suspects.