These Plastic Cups are Worth a Toast

When the occasion calls for a casual cup, here are five we’d pick


October 20, 2021
Red plastic cups on a table
You’d be surprised at the diverse features of today’s plastic cups. Pixabay

Can you think back to your late teen and college years? Pull out a photo album if you need to. When you scan those memories, what’s that one item that seems to occupy a spot in the corner of every image? The infamous red plastic cup! It’s probably half-filled with a lukewarm beer or the remnants of wine cooler.

Thankfully beverage container technology—if there is such a thing—has advanced mightily in the past few decades, and we can now sip our craft Belgian ale or pinot noir out of a more stylish disposable cup. The next time you find yourself in need of keeping your cherished glassware safe, raise a plastic glass instead. We’ve found five types of disposable cups suitable for any occasion.

AmazonBasics 16-Ounce Disposable Plastic Cups, Red - Pack of 240

Classic look

These easy-to-grip beauties come in the traditional red color. AmazonBasics

What’s that old saying—it’s not a party until something is broken? Well, no need to fear, you can’t break these cups but it’s probably a good idea to hide grandma’s antique lamps instead. Pro tip: Use a Sharpie so people can write their names on the cups so that you don’t actually have to use all 100 cups for that party next week.

Dixie to Go Disposable Hot Beverage Paper Coffee Cups with Lids, 12 oz, 156 count, Assorted Designs

For the brewing crew

These cups feature “PerfecTouch” grip and fit in most single-serve coffee brewers. Dixie

These 12-ounce cups come with plastic lids so no need to stress spilling that piping hot green tea onto your lap during the morning commute. Plus, they’re built from an 80 percent renewable plant-based material so you can feel good about the planet while you caffeinate up.

TashiBox 9 oz Disposable Plastic Party Cups, Tumblers, 100 Count, Crystal Clear

For happier hours

All these cocktail cups are missing is the airline logo and the surly passenger sitting next to you. TashiBox

It’s hard to picture these without a flight attendant passing it to us along with a little bag of honey-roasted peanuts. Feel free to hand-wash and reuse them—just don’t make the rookie mistake of placing them in the dishwasher.

Occasions 100 pcs Wedding Party Disposable Plastic tumblers Cups

Celebratory choice

These are perfect for a casual outdoor wedding reception or anniversary party. Occasions

What’s the worst sound at a wedding: a bride unexpectedly weeping, a bourbon-impaired best man’s never-ending toast or the sound of a fancy champagne flute crashing to the floor? All three are pretty gut-wrenching, but we can only solve the third option here today with these single-use glasses. They’re guaranteed not to splinter into a hundred pieces if one falls during any spontaneous conga lines.

Repurpose Compostable Plant-Based Clear Cold Cup

Vegetable-based ink too

These cups are made from plants, not petroleum. Repurpose Compostable

We have an eco-warrior here at the office who tries to gently encourage us all to drink from reusable glasses, recycle our aluminum cans and plastic bags and – presumably – has replaced our traditional plastic forks and spoons with planet-friendly wooden ones. I’m betting she’d give these cups her nod of approval. Even the writing on the cups is made using vegetable-based ink.

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