Those teetering towers of paper on the desk at home are ready to tumble. Meanwhile your garage has fallen victim to random piles of items that need a home. That’s right: It’s time to invest in some good plastic storage bins. Whether you’re protecting valuable paperwork or keeping food supplies dry and airtight, here are four models of plastic storage bins we love.

Homz 28 Quart Storage Bin

With a height of just 5 1/2 inches, these boxes are perfect for storing out-of-season items under your beds.Amazon

Let no space go to waste with these under-the-bed storage boxes. The clear body lets you see what's inside so you won't have to spend the afternoon opening and closing boxes. Don't need to store them under a bed? No worries - they're designed to be stackable as well. Stow them in a closet corner without a care.

Sterilite Large Clip Box

These stackable boxes are designed to accommodate standard 8 ½ x 11 paper.Amazon

Those old tax returns, insurance policies and - sure - even the "Certificate of Participation" you got back in ninth grade for that embarrassing wrestling tournament can all find a safe home in these Sterilite boxes. Tight-clasping latches hold everything in place.

Ziploc WeatherShield Storage Box

This set of 26 ½ and 44 quart storage boxes keep your items safe from moisture, dust and pets.Amazon

People rarely think of keeping food stored safely, but Ziploc brings their WeatherShield storage technology to that chore. These bins are BPA free, acid free and PVC free so store your goodies without any worries. Plus, the grooves in the reinforced lids make stacking a charm.

Rubbermaid Brute Tote Storage Container

If you have heavy-duty storage needs, these monster-size bins from Rubbermaid offer 20 gallons of space.Amazon

Rubbermaid thought of everything when they designed these Brute Tote bins. They have grip-friendly handles with holes built in to allow for drainage. Ribbed construction lets you drag the bins without risking any damage to them. Finally, the lids are designed to snap tight but still allow for safe stacking.