Best Pool Toys for Adults

These are the pool accessories you’re looking for.
Man floating on a watermelon slice float.
When you’re ready to really throw a pool party, these are the toys you need. Unsplash

Put away the pool soaker guns and diving rings. It’s time to bring out the pool toys for adults (that make us feel like kids again). Here are a few fun pool toys for adults that you should add to your collection.

Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark - Orange/Blue 2020 Edition - Inflatable Hoop with Ball Included - Perfect for Competitive Water Play and Trick Shots - Ultimate Summer Toy

Dunk and Score

Unleash your inner sports star. Fun Knuckles

Coming in at 40 inches tall when inflated, this Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark will generate hours of pure fun. The product is made of high-quality material and constructed with reinforced seams to ensure a long lifespan of fun in the water. The basketball that comes with the set is quite large and has a bit of heft to it, which helps keep the game challenging when shooting from all angles.

GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table Inflatable with Social Floating

Multi-player Action

Your college memories just got an upgrade. GoPong

Surely everyone will remember this classic game of young adulthood. This time, you can take it to the water for an added challenge. Kick your pool party off with this 6 foot floating pong table complete with sideline cup holders, 6 pong balls, and 4 tethering grommets. Even better? When you aren’t hosting a pool full of people, this game table doubles as a floating lounger to simply catch some rays.

Watermelon Ball

For the Competitive Set

This sporty toy has near neutral buoyancy so you can dribble, kick, bounce or pass it around. Amazon

Simply fill the Watermelon Ball with water then place it in the pool and watch it slowly sink and rise again. Now it’s up to you to devise an underwater version of football or play a pick-up game of water rugby.

Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder

When You’re Thirsty

Your ice-cold treasure awaits underneath those colorful bands. Amazon

It holds give cups, cans, or bottles along with a built-in ice serving chest. And don’t stress losing your breath over inflation; just turn a hairdryer on cold or borrow your child’s toy air pump to bring it to life.

Pool Volleyball Game

Old School Favorite

Send the kids inside to play their video games because this net set is for the truly serious athletes, right? Amazon

This set features pole bases designed to add anchor weights if needed. Oh, and a repair kit is included in case things get out of hand (which they certainly will if combined with the beer pong float).


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