The Best Puzzles for Adults Who Love a Challenge

Step away from the smartphone and put your mind to work with one of these puzzles

Zone out from the daily grind and stock up on a few of these puzzles.Hans-Peter Gauster via Unsplash

Puzzles aren’t just for kids and grandparents anymore—from music legends to interior design styles, modern puzzles offer a massive variety of designs with something to suit every interest. They make a surprisingly great way to clear your mind after a long workday and the perfect gift to give for birthdays and holidays. Here are a few of our favorites.

Play That Beat

This puzzle highlights decades of legendary rock & roll musicians, country pioneers and jazz greats. Rack up hours attempting to piece this all together with uniquely cut shapes—no two shapes are alike.Amazon

The 1980s

Think you know everything about the '80s? Try your hand at this 1,000-piece puzzle, covering your favorite musical artist, TV shows, political moments and more.Amazon

Disney Villainous Maleficent

A Disney puzzle for adults? Come on, you know Disney is the place where every adult can be a child again. Plus, this wickedly challenging puzzle has 1,000 unique pieces. When it's complete it reveals the many powers of Maleficent. The anti-glare and heavy cardboard construction make puzzle time more enjoyable. The final size is 20 x 27 inches. It's one of six in the "Villainous" series from Ravensburger.Amazon

Charley Harper Birducopia

Don't be fooled by this beautifully simplistic bird design from illustrator Charley Harper. It may look easy, but you'll be surprised at how difficult it really is. Are you up for it?Amazon

New York Art Shop

Did you know The New Yorker transforms its iconic covers into super challenging puzzles? This one fits the bill for artsy types looking to stimulate their attention to detail.Amazon

Pizza Pie

This 1,000-piece round puzzle is popular for a reason—it's fun and boy, is it tough! Working in from the edge, pizza addicts may find it nearly impossible just putting the crust together. Don't give up, reward yourself with a real pizza once you complete the pie!Amazon

Mid-Century Modern

Interior design aficionados will love the focus on the mid-century modern details this puzzle has to offer. From the sunny landscape of Palm Springs to the timeless Eames lounge chair, hours of retro fun await you.Amazon

World Map

You cannot call yourself a puzzle champ without taking on this mind-scrambling 4,000-piece map of the world. With intricate details such as rivers, flags, country borders and latitude/longitude, this puzzle takes dedication and commitment. You'll be in it for the long haul but you'll come out the other side with a sharpened sense of geography.Amazon