The Best Roller Skates for Building Great Memories

Skate with confidence with any of these pairs of roller skates


October 20, 2021
Roller skates lined up on a shelf
Strap on some skates and relive your childhood memories. Pexels

As a young teenager, I spent each Saturday afternoon at Super Skate near my home in Clearwater, Fla., where I learned to play Pac-Man, memorized the lyrics to Queen songs and occasionally even ventured out onto the wooden rink floor to glide around under a ceiling of pulsing lights. It’s the most vivid memory of those childhood years.

Roller skating rinks haven’t entirely disappeared—a quick Google search will surely find one within driving distance of your home. And here are several pairs of roller skates to complete the rest of the adventure.

FireStar Youth Girl's Roller Skate

Sturdy support

These skates feature a sport shoe design along with a power strap and lace closure so the boot stays snug. Roller Derby

Safe for the roller rink or sidewalk, these Firestar skates put comfort first with a padded collar and power strap closure. Those who have purchased them before praise the sturdy construction and strong support for ankles.

Roller Derby 1378-12 Youth Boys Firestar Roller Skate

Eye-catching design

This model comes in a black/grey boot color scheme with hook-and-lace closure accented by a power strap. Roller Derby

The power strap here holds the foot securely in the boot—an important feature for beginning skaters. These just look so much cooler than the skates we grew up with. A lightweight beam also makes it easier for younger skaters to move along the rink or sidewalk.

Roller Derby Elite Stomp-5 Roller Skates

For all ages

This model features a full-grain leather boot and sole, anti-abrasive toy and heel caps and 58mm speed wheels. Roller Derby

The most beloved pair of roller skates I owned were speed skates. I remember everything about them: viking leather boots, “blue devil” speed wheels … and a size 13 boot. (Mom thought I was still growing.) Make your own memories with these Stomp 5 skates, a lightweight model that is designed to be the star of the rink. They’re approved for all ages.

Chicago Men's Classic Roller Skates - Premium Black Quad Rink Skates

Classic look

The boot’s high top helps stabilize the ankle, and the aluminum base plate features adjustable trucks for easy turning. Chicago Skates

I can picture couple-skating around Super Skate in the early ’80s wearing these beauties. REO Speedwagon’s Keep On Loving You would be playing on the tinny stereo system and all of life’s challenges were far, far away. Roller skating had that power back then, and it can have it again.

Roller Derby Roller Star Women's Roller Skates, 9, White/Purple/Blue

Superior padding

These skates feature a freestyle, comfort-fit boot and urethane wheels that work for multiple surfaces. Roller Derby

We love these skates for the padded lining and solid heel, giving the boot both comfort and stability. They’re available in four color combinations and in sizes 3 through 10. These skates are ideal for recreational use for teens and younger women.

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