Best Snorkel Sets for your Next Tropical Vacation

Explore the underwater world safely with these recommended mask and snorkel sets


October 19, 2021
Masks and snorkels on the sand
Hit the beach with a new mask and snorkel set. Pixabay

A trip to the beach or Caribbean island isn’t complete without a tour of the world underwater. Marine life and coral formations will delight the eyes and senses – if you brought along the right snorkeling gear. A mask and a snorkel are must-haves – fins are an added bonus – for your adventure. Here are several snorkel sets we recommend.

Greatever G2 Full Face Snorkel Mask
This unique mask allows you to film your underwater journeys. Greatever

The unique design of Greatever’s mask offers a 180-degree view, which helps minimize dizziness underwater. The two-channel exhaust valve on the snorkel helps you to break smoothly as well. Straps are adjustable and feature quick-release connectors

Seavenger Aviator Snorkeling Set with Gear Bag
This set includes compact fins with an open-back pocket, making them a good pick to pack in a suitcase. Seavenger

This set has it all – a single-lens tempered glass mask, compact fins, a dry-top snorkel and a gear bag – and it all weighs just 2 pounds. Plus, it’s available in sizes down to XXS, so you can find the right fit for anyone in the family.

SwimStar Snorkel Set
This classic set is reliable, easy to use but still has the bonus of advanced technology. SwimStar

Classics are classics for good reason. At first glance, this set from SwimStar probably resembles the snorkel set you had growing up – fair enough. But its modern-day refinements make the difference. A high-grade silicon face skirt comfortably fits any face. An anti-fog coating on the mask’s tempered glass keeps your view unfogged. And the dry snorkel is perfect for choppy waters – say goodbye to those unexpected chugs of ocean water.

WACOOL Snorkeling Snorkel Package Set for Kids
This set is designed for ages 6 to 12 and features safety features to keep swimmers safe. WACOOL

If your little swimmer is ready to try snorkeling, a pool is always the smart place to start. But do yourself and your little one a favor: Don’t buy a toy snorkel set – for safety purposes alone, invest in the real thing. This set from WACOOL resembles an adult set, but the mask’s size is designed for smaller faces. The mask’s tempered glass lens also has an anti-fog treatment, and the snorkel and splash guard are designed for easy clearing and water drainage.

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