Carbonated drinks and sparkling water has come a long way since the days of a club soda and a slice of lime. These days, sparkling drinks come in a rainbow of flavors and recipes - some offering an energy boost and others treating you to a dose of vitamin-infused fruit juices. There’s literally a sparkling water out there for any set of taste buds. Here are three carbonated drinks we enjoy.

Sparkling Ice

The flavor and carbonation will blow you away - and the added antioxidants and vitamins are a nice bonus.Amazon

I'm not kidding: In an attempt to drink fewer colas, I've been trying out all the Sparkling Ice drinks, but I'm completely addicted to their orange-mango flavor (with black cherry and classic lemonade pulling in the silver and bronze medals). Each flavor is sugar- and calorie-free and is fortified with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants. Rumor has it - because I'm afraid to look - that there are some amazing cocktail recipes to make with these drinks too.

Monster Energy Zero Ultra

This version of Monster has a lighter taste but still packs the same energy wallop.Amazon

This 24-pack of 16-ounce cans has zero sugar and zero calories but plenty of energy. Curious about the taste? Monster touts is as a slightly less sweet version of their original drink, but we detect the lovely addition of some citrus notes. It's like a fine wine - only carbonated, in a can and daring you to stay up all night.

CELSIUS Fitness Drink

CELSIUS pitches itself as a perfect pre-work drink and a refreshing alternative to your morning coffee.Amazon

These 12-ounce cans coming in both carbonated and non-carbonated flavors, including sparkling orange, non-sparking peach mango green tea, non-sparkling raspberry acai green tea, sparkling watermelon, sparkling kiwi guava, sparkling Fuji apple pear, sparkling grape rush, sparkling wild better and finally one sparkling cola. Can you remember all that? If not, you could use the 200 mg of caffeine that each can contains.