Our Picks for Window Film Add Privacy, UV Protection and Style

From the classic frosted look to near blackout shade, we found a window film for you

Don’t let a little rain dampen your energy for a much-needed window refresh.Pixabay

With just a little do-it-yourself willpower, you can give your windows a new look by installing privacy film. There are a bunch of options out there for homeowners that prefer the simple, frosted look to those who opt for total blackout film on their windows. We found four window films that should meet any need.

Coavas Frosted Film

This frosted privacy film also blocks 96 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.Amazon

A frosted look is great for windows in the office, bathroom, or any room where privacy is a concern but a softer design is still preferred. This film requires no adhesives, is easy to apply, and can be just as easily peeled away without any residue. Better yet - it can be removed and used again.

This one-way film gives privacy during the daytime, while outside it acts as a mirror.Amazon

During the day, your window will look like a one-way mirror; at night the mirror effect fades so remember to use your curtains if you still want privacy. The film is easy to install with just a soap-and-water mixture. It also offers UV protection and should lower cooling bills considerably.

Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

Add a decorative look to your windows with this beautiful mosaic pattern window film.Amazon

If you're looking for a decorative window treatment other than blinds or drapes, this could be a great choice. The no-adhesive film is a snap to install but delivers a colorful visual effect upon completion. It's only semi-private, so don't use it for the bathroom.

VELIMAX Blackout Window Film

If darkness is your goal, this film blocks at least 99 percent of daylight.Amazon

Sometimes, nothing short of a total blackout will do. This window film was created with that goal in mind. It's static-cling film, so no glue is required. It's intended for glass that is flat and promises the deliver total privacy and coolness.