7 Must-Own Craft Supply Staples for Hobbyists

From scissors to glitter, here are some craft supplies to get you started

Craft supply shopping can be very overwhelming – even for experienced crafters. There are so many different products, each with a unique purpose. But fear not! These are some of the most universal supplies that will make great additions to any craft room.

Glitter Washi Tape

crafting tape
Washi tape has changed the crafting game since its rise in popularity in the mid-2000s. Crafters love sticking washi tape anywhere – I repeat anywhere – without the fear of damaging walls or leaving sticky residue behind. Add some flare to your computer? There’s a washi tape for that. Put some extra sparkle on a handmade card? There’s a washi tape for that. Decorate your outdated furniture? There’s a… well, you get the idea. Amazon

Glitter Pack

craft glitter
There is nothing more revered in the craft world than glitter. While it may not be the easiest product to handle (hint: the mess will be worth it), it definitely packs the most punch. With an assortment of 12 different colors, you will never be without glitter to enhance your project. Glitter is great for slime, party and holiday decorations, cards and whatever else needs a little sparkle! Amazon

Monte Marte Brushes

craft art brushes
There is nothing worse than finishing a paint project and then spotting bristles in your work. What sets these Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes apart from the competition is the aluminum seal that keeps the bristles in the brush and out of your projects. The brushes are ideal for watercolor, acrylic, gouaches and oil paints. Amazon

Multipurpose Scissors

craft scissors
You never know how important good scissors are until you need them, and these multipurpose scissors will not let you down. They can cut paper, cardboard, fabric, photos and more with ease. Plus, the titanium blades are resistant to corrosion and to adhesives such as glue and tape. Amazon

Apple Barrel Paint

acrylic paint
Acrylic paint is a staple for any crafter. Apple Barrel acrylic paint works well on wood, Styrofoam, plaster, terra cotta and tin projects. This 18-piece set boasts a wide variety of colors that will make any craft project beautiful. Amazon

Multicolor Organizer Cart

organizer cart
Ever reach for sequins and you end up finding felt? Sounds like organization is in your future. Keep all of your craft goodies organized with this colorful 10-drawer cart. Each drawer holds up to 3.3 pounds, so there is no need to cry over spilled paint. Amazon

Hot Glue Gun

glue gun
Do you even craft if you don’t have a glue gun? Glue guns are truly the Swiss Army knife of the craft world (create a wreath, holiday décor, pillows, costumes and more all with one tool) that no crafter should be without. This hot glue gun heats up within minutes, maintains a consistent temperature to avoid burning and even comes with 30 glue sticks. Let the craft projects begin! Amazon

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