Iron Man Funko Pop

This pint-sized Robert Downey Jr. figurine conveys Iron Man’s signature sass.Amazon

They're just 3.75 inches tall, but they're taking over the world. We're talking about adorable and increasingly omnipresent Funko Pop! bobbleheads. Washington-based toy company Funko was founded just over a decade ago, but its big-headed figures are the stuff of obsession for collectors and pop culture enthusiasts alike.

Toy Story 4 Friends Pack

Recreate the friendship and warm feelings of Toy Story 4 with this Little People pack featuring seven favorite characters.Amazon

For Toy Story fans from age 18 months to 5 years, these easy-to-grasp figures are standing by to create new stories of their own. The set includes Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep and more.

Power Rangers Ultimate Collection

This set includes all five Zords inspired by Power Rangers beast morphers.Amazon

You need a whole new dictionary to understand the language of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Thankfully you can get started with this collection, which includes beast wheeler Zord, beast Chopper Zord, beast jet Zord, beast racer Zord, and beast wrecker Zord, five Power Rangers mini figures along with an elevator platform accessory. Let the fun begin!

Ultimate Pennywise

The 7-inch figure includes three interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands and - of course - a red balloon.Amazon

If there's another side of the coin from those lovable Toy Story figures, it has to be this scale figure of Pennywise the clown from the 2017 film It. Maybe it's a smart idea to keep this nightmare-inducing character in his box, which thankfully comes packaged with a collector-friendly opening flap.