Best Florida Beaches for Shelling

Looking to grow your shell collection? Here are the spots to start looking

An assortment of shells in the sand.
Stoop over and prepare to find some amazing shells at these Florida beaches. Pixabay

Collecting shells from beaches is a popular hobby in Florida. But some beaches are better than others for displaying these natural wonders.

Sanibel Island

Off the coast of Fort Myers is Sanibel Island, perhaps the most famous spot for shelling in the state. Its beaches are protected by a broad underwater shelf that helps bring the shells ashore.

Wait for low tide to begin your hunt and then explore the beaches from the lighthouse to North Captiva.


Honeymoon Island

Off the coast of Dunedin, Honeymoon Island State Park offers four miles of prime shelling action along the gulf coast.

Collectors say the best beaches here are on the north side of the island. Be careful not to disturb any nesting wildlife you find along the way.

Little Talbot Island State Park

If you’re looking to shell along the Atlantic coast of the state, North Florida has the best spots, including this park just north of Jacksonville.


Collectors say there are more than 50 types of shells to be found here, including the rare and elusive Pliocene shell.

Venice Beach

If you’re curious about prehistoric shark teeth, this spot near Sarasota is your best bet. Any of the beach access spots south of the Venice Jetty are good spots to start.

You’ll want to wade into the water for the best chance of spotting teeth. Have a strainer handy for some added help.


Shell Island

With a name like this, shelling has to be good, right? This spot near Panama City Beach has to be reached by boat.

Seven miles of pristine shoreline await you, along with a variety of species including conchs, periwinkles and moon snails.


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