Florida-based Women’s Meditation Podcast Hits 100 Million Downloads

Katie Krimitsos started podcasting from her closet. Today her network reaches women worldwide.

Katie Krimitsos records her podcasts from the Tampa Bay area.
Less than 1 percent of the 3 million podcasts worldwide reach 100 million downloads. Pixabay

Katie Krimitsos, the founder of the Women’s Meditation Network, has amassed 100 million downloads for her women-focused podcasts, according to the TransMedia Group.

“Of the estimated 3 million podcasts worldwide, less than 0.1% of podcasters hit 100 million downloads,” said Adrienne Mazzone, President of TransMedia Group. “What Katie has achieved while juggling two young daughters (one million downloads per week, 14 podcasts reaching 186 countries) is a testament to her guided meditation mastery as well as the mainstream’s acceptance of meditation.”

Krimitsos started recording guided meditations from her closet while her toddler slept and she was pregnant, determined to bring peace, better sleep, less anxiety, and more happiness to women listening around the world – for free. TransMedia Group’s podcasts range from Morning Meditations to Sleep Meditations.

“I feel like we create little pieces of love and light that go out into a world that can sometimes feel so dark, overwhelming and lonely,” said Krimitsos, founder of Women’s Meditation Network. “We are always looking for ways to reach, support and connect with more women and are excited to have TransMedia Group expand our breadth.” 

In the Tampa Bay area where Katie is based, local print and broadcast media have covered her inspiring story. She was also just given a cheeky Mother’s Day mention on Page 6 of the New York Post.

“Katie is a shining star, finding a path that not only helped her to find peace, but has helped millions of other women,” said Mazzone. “A self-taught meditation guru who started at the age of 19, we’ll also tell Katie’s incredible entrepreneurial story, which has blossomed to nearly 2 dozen employees across the U.S. and in London.”

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