Country Most Obsessed with Sushi is Not Japan

Another odd fact: The most-searched sushi is the California Roll
A table full of sushi
If you’re not hungry for sushi now, you will be soon. Pixabay

We remain hopelessly addicted to food reports here at Florida Travel & Life so we jumped to our feet when news about “the world’s favorite sushi dishes” crossed our laptop screens.

Okay so it turned out the answer to that was pretty boring: The California roll is the sushi that’s googled most often, according to a study by the Japanese food subscription company Sakuraco.

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BUT, in a related study, Sakuraco also ranked the countries “most obsessed” with sushi. Again, this is based on the number of Google searches as a percentage of the population. It turns out the most sushi-obsessed country is … Canada?

Here’s the Top 10 list of sushi-obsessed countries:

  1. Canada
  2. United States
  3. Japan
  4. Australia
  5. Italy
  6. Germany
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Brazil
  9. Mexico
  10. South Africa

By the way, South Africa, Australia, the UK, Canada and the United States have all named the California Roll as their country’s most loved sushi dish. Following in second is the Temaki (or hand roll).

Also, when in Florida, we recommend asking for the Tampa Roll, which generally has fried grouper and a slice of onion surrounded by rice. It’s perfect with soy sauce and a lump of wasabi.

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