Our Favorite Fun-Loving Flamingo Accessories

Show off your “pink power” with these flamingo gadgets and gifts

“Welcome to Florida – here’s your flamingo.” It’s not quite that crazy in the Sunshine State, but flamingos – especially the lawn ornament variety – almost seem like the official state bird. (It’s not – that honor is reserved for the common mockingbird.)

The phenomenon of the plastic flamingo goes all the way back to its invention in the late 1950s, but director John Waters really kicked up our feathered fascination with the 1972 movie Pink Flamingos. Now, the plastic bird is firmly a part of Florida’s lawn kitsch.

If you’re looking to express your flamingo fandom, there are several far classier ways to show it. Here are five flamingo-themed accessories we think you should own.

Flamingo Tumbler

Flamingo Tumbler
One thing you learn about living in Florida – aside from the flamingo fetish – is that you’re going to want a good non-sweat tumbler. This flamingo-adorned tumbler features double-wall, vacuum-insulated technology that will keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours. Plus, it just looks great. Amazon

Drawstring Backpack

Flamingo Drawstring Backpack
This sequin bag shines and sparkles as much as a Florida sunrise. It has adjustable shoulder straps so it will work great for girls and teens. A zipper pocket inside is a convenient place to store keys and a cell phone. Amazon

Flamingo Kitchen Set

Flamingo Kitchen Set
This set includes two dish towels, two pot holders and one oven mitt. Buy one for yourself and some extras to give out as holiday presents. Don’t forget to use them when cooking up some Florida Gulf shrimp and grits or breaking into a pound or two of those delectable stone crab claws. Amazon

Flamingo Dress

Flamingo Dress
Birds of a feather wear sundresses together. This dress is 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. It’s machine washable and is available in five regular sizes and four plus sizes. Now just plan that trip to Key West so you can show it off! Amazon

Flamingo Lawn Ornaments

Pink Flamingo Yard Ornament
We didn’t promise we weren’t going to mention the obligatory lawn ornaments. If you wake up one morning and see these scattered in your yard, it’s just someone’s idea of saying “welcome to the neighborhood!” This two-bird set includes mounting rods (or legs, as the flamingos refer to them). Amazon

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