6 Super Fun Pool Floats

Spend the lazy days of summer lounging on these inflatables

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Even if you’re not the one entertaining this summer, chances are you’ll be invited to a few backyard barbecues and pool parties. Since no pool party is complete without a fun float, we’ve selected some of our favorites. Another bonus: They make a great gift to bring to your host!

ping flamingo pool float

Pink Flamingo

Be the captain of your own flamingo. Intex

You can find flamingo-shaped pool floats in a variety of sizes but we love how large this one is. Coming in at 86 inches, it’s large enough to lounge on without your body ever touching the water. The size isn’t the only thing that makes this float appealing, it’s made with high-quality vinyl, so you can trust that intense summer sun won’t break it down so easily.

swan pool float

Giant Swan

You won’t want to give up your spot on this roomy, inflatable bird. GoFloats

Downtown Orlando’s, Lake Eola, is famous for swan boat rentals, a popular activity locals love. Now you can relax in the comforts of your backyard on your own personal giant swan without the effort of paddling. The enormous float is 8 feet long and easily carries 2 adults. We bet you’re going to have to battle some friends to get your turn on this one.

sea turtle pool float

Sea Turtle

Take your love of sea turtles to the next level. Intex

Sea turtle nesting season in Florida kicks off in May, so what could be more fitting for poolside fun than this adorable sea turtle raft? The raft measures 75″ X 67″, so it’s perfect for children and adults alike. Its wide base promises extra stability, just imagine how much fun you could have with this floating along the calm waters of Gulf coast beaches.

fun pool floats, alligator pool float, big pool floats, adult pool floats


Big Al’ is large enough to ride with friends or solo. Amazon

Now you can experience the Everglades even if you’re afraid of gators, sort of. Big Al’ measures at 11 feet in length making it ideal for multiple friends to go for a spin around the pool. Made from premium raft-grade vinyl, this durable float can handle any summertime party animal.

fun pool floats, shark inflatable, florida pool fun


Spend sunny days defending your territory like an underwater predator. Amazon

Several species of sharks are known for lurking around Florida beaches but rest assured this great white will feel right at home in your pool. The ride-on float has two handles for tight gripping when the waters get rough.

manatee float, fun pool floats, florida pool fun

Friendly Manatee

Hop aboard this happy, herbivorous sea cow and let your worries float away. Amazon

Manatees migrate to Florida’s natural springs during the winter months but you can enjoy this guy all summer long. Don’t let his childlike smile fool you, kids love this ride-on float but grown ups do too. The quality is great and it’s pretty darn big, measuring at 72 x 38 x 20 inches.

Fruity Pool Floats

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